The Woz Says Microsoft May Be Out-Innovating Apple

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Never shy of voicing his opinion, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak has expressed concern that Microsoft is out-innovating the company he helped bring to life.

Speaking with Andrew Keen of TechCrunch on the sidelines of TEDx Brussels, The Woz said that the Redmond, Washington-based software giant has shown “more of the type of innovation where you see something and you say, ‘Whoa, they really changed things drastically, whoa, they aren’t really even going in the same direction as everyone else.’”

Furthermore, Wozniak also commented that Microsoft may have been so silent this last three years as they were just deep in developing new innovations.

That’s in contrast to Apple which “was just used to cranking out the newest iPhone and falling a little behind,” he said.

When asked why this worries the Apple cofounder, he said that it worries him because he loves Apple “so much”.

“It worries me if Apple were to lose ground because they were just sort of making the same things they know how to make,” he added.

“Apple had some bad times at one point in history…During that point in history, when I look back, we were cranking out the Macintoshes to people who would buy Macintoshes every month, every six months, every year…and we were improving them,” he continued.

“Improving is not Apple-style innovation. It’s not like you’re creating something astounding that you’re just gasping because it’s so unexpected,” Wozniak said.

“I would hate that Apple didn’t get the recognition of being the innovator when innovation turns to technology,” he said.

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Of course, this is not the first time that Wozniak had words of praise for companies that compete with Apple.

Back in January, he said he likes Android and that the mobile operating platform is better than the iPhone is some aspects.

He said in an interview then that Siri was behind compared to Android’s voice system and that something happened then with the iPhone’s OS that made it “run through the battery so fast”.

He’s also had harsh words for others such as when he criticized the US government for the handling of the Megaupload case and when he told Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen to stop acting like a patent troll.

He’s clearly not shy to say what’s on his mind.

Watch the Steve Wozniak interview on TechCrunch where he also talks about Scott Forstall and his love for technology.


Image from The DEMO Conference on Flickr (CC)

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