The Pros And Cons Of Digital Project Management Software

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The Pros And Cons Of Digital Project Management Software

Project management is the fundamental way for businesses to optimize processes, which ensures higher effectiveness and efficiency levels while carrying out multiple projects.

To get the best possible results, project managers use digital project management software. However, while incorporating this software can improve processes, there are pros and cons to using it. Depending on your needs, you can check when you’re looking for project management software.

If you’re confused with the available options, below are the advantages and disadvantages of digital project management software:

Pros of Digital Project Management Software

There are benefits in using digital management software such as:

  • Better Collaboration

Sometimes, project teams are composed of members from various departments. They’re required to manage their daily responsibilities, which makes it challenging for all stakeholders to attend meetings regularly and stay updated. This kind of communication gap can make unnecessary delays in your projects and problems that may waste your precious resources.

A big benefit of using digital is that it promotes good collaborations in projects that are extremely simple. It also keeps the communication in unified places. Insights, including status updates and project timelines, can be accessed quickly with just a few clicks and alerts that can be sent automatically to relevant parties.

  • Improved Scheduling and Planning

Project scheduling and planning is a crucial aspect of project management regardless of the applied methodology. With such management systems, the team’s previous record which is necessary for current projects can be easily retrieved.

Moreover, project managers may create a consistent management plan to prioritize the tasks to get results. With the use of digital project management software, tasks such as setting up deadlines, identifying dependencies, creating deliverables, and allocating resources can be done conveniently in no time.

  • Easier File Sharing and Access

Safely sharing and accessing important documents is crucial for many businesses. Professionals have been using some shared drives but using digital project management software is a practical option. Depending on your chosen software, some offer cloud-based storage in which users can make a few changes, annotate easily, and leave feedback. These tools also keep changelogs to ensure the transparency of the projects within the team.

  • Effective Task Delegation

Often, project managers find it hard to assign tasks to members that may affect the team’s efficiency. With project management programs, managers can delegate project tasks to team members and can quickly find who’s available.

Digital project management software is also a simpler option for most team members when it comes to task management. All they need to do is to check the software and work on their tasks based on their priorities. In many cases, such tools send out automatic reminders before deadlines to ensure efficient and smooth operations.

  • Enhanced Productivity

Another benefit of digital project management software is that it helps improve productivity at work and optimize your decision-making process. As essential details can be found in single places, you can make well-informed decisions within a short time.

  • Budget Management

One of the advantages of digital project management software is that it lets users manage the resources at hand. Throughout the project’s course, the possibilities of scope creep, the project’s tendency to go off the track are quite high. Project management software may help managers prevent that as it enables them to keep track of all things in real-time and avoid the project cost from increasing.

  • Effective Risk Mitigation

Employing effective solutions and determining potential bottlenecks are the manager’s makings. With digital project management software, can improve their risk mitigation strategies and get help from the resources at hand to deploy some effective countermeasures. It improves the team’s overall efficiency and enables project managers to allocate their resources effectively.

Cons of Digital Project Management Software

Digital project management software also has disadvantages like:

  • Costly Investment

Good quality digital project management software typically costs money. For some businesses, the price tag is the reason why they hold off from using the software. Other than the costs, its maintenance and implementation also cost money. Several products are usually sold with various modules, which can make them more expensive.

  • Users Become Too Reliant

Most people tend to be very dependent on the system until it’s too late for them to realize that there’s a task that should be done until getting notifications or alerts. Most entrepreneurs prefer traditional methods instead of digital tools as they motivate people, especially procrastinators, to get the work done quickly.

  • Complexity

While digital project management software is designed to help businesses streamline processes and organize things, learning the system might take time. Based on the complexity of the program, there’s a learning curve that must be considered.

There are instances that project managers will have to learn how to utilize the key features of the software and ensure that all members know how to use all components relevant to the activities they have to perform. With this in mind, it might take time for everybody to master the software.

  • Access Control

The newest versions of digital project management software allow access for several users. It makes data sharing much easier. But, while multi-user access has some benefits, it’s important to protect your sensitive data and track access control. Forgetting to change your settings in access control may cause privacy concerns over time.

  • Interface

If your company is a first-timer in using digital project management software, you’ll likely make the transition from the traditional spreadsheets. At first, you might be frustrated by how challenging it is when navigating the software’s interface, thinking that it only requires some getting used to. Without something to compare it to, you might not realize the reason you’re not grasping how to properly use the software is due to a poorly designed interface.

A poorly designed interface that’s overloaded and ugly may cause inconvenience. Rather than raising productivity, your company might have to go back to the old ways. Fortunately, there’s project management software with an easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is to choose the one with a simple design that offers a great user experience.


While digital project management software can be a helpful and necessary addition to a business that’s working with complex product development or reporting, there are good and not-so-good aspects about this software. Knowing your company’s needs is the first step to determine if digital project management software is a good fit for your business. Then, evaluate whether you can get more benefits than drawbacks once you incorporate one for your projects.

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