The Pocket-Sized Professional: Using Your Smartphone as a Business Tool

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The Pocket-Sized Professional: Using Your Smartphone as a Business Tool

The Pocket-Sized Professional: Your Smartphone as a Business Tool

The working week looks nothing like it once did, and neither do the tools we use to keep it all happening. The smartphone is responsible for increased accessibility which does not end with texts and calls. If you’re an entrepreneur or an established leader, then chances are you would like to know how you can stretch your working conditions and find a way to stay on top of the finer details. Let’s discuss some of the apps and trends that are rocking the way we work.

Keep on top of your schedule

Scheduling is undoubtedly one of the biggest areas for improvement. This applies to your own working schedule as well as your that administer your employee movements. We’ve all witnessed those weeks that start out innocuous, but then quickly spin out of control in the absence of organisation and planning. Take the guesswork out of your scheduling, and manage your employees shift work and responsibilities by leveraging data capabilities built into these online platforms. Smarter decisions and less time pouring over a spreadsheet, all managed on your smartphone.

Workflow capabilities

In previous years we would simply put our heads down and churn through work, not taking the time to review and improve our workflow circumstances. Fortunately, these times are behind us with the introduction of some intuitive workflow apps and platforms. Many of these are built with mobile in mind, and they are fully usable for any fast-paced leader who wants a snapshot picture or in-depth look at current and future projects. This solution also cuts down on meeting time and emails, with open threads presenting a place where all parties can get instant answers. No more pointless meetings that could have been an email. You can also assign one project to a few people so that everyone stays on top of the progress, or lack of. 

Track your hours

Do you ever get to the end of the month and realise that you haven’t exactly tracked your working hours. If you are on a salary, this is fine. For consultants? This is a challenge and one that you want to avoid if you’re sick of proving your work to clients or having to track hours manually. Fortunately, there are a few quality billable hours apps that will allow you to track your hours when you take a call, start a project, or work on a project that pays by the hour. Imagine the time you will save from simply looking at an app to learn what hours you can charge the client for the month. There is another passive benefit to these apps, with individuals using them to track their productivity hours as well as their unproductive hours.


Social media gets a bad rep, but there are many advantages to these social tools. LinkedIn remains one of the most effective tools to seek work and talent, as well as building a community of professionals. You don’t need to use this like you would some of the other social media platforms, and nor should you if you have the right intentions. By writing frequent blogs on your LinkedIn account, you can propel your status from a user to a thought leader. Stop steering and create a commentary on issues and news that impacts your niche, and watch your peers start to reach out to you.

You don’t need to be controlled by your smartphone to take advantage of the infinite benefits. Connectivity has been one of the greatest capabilities of the 21st century, and those who fail to take advantage will be left behind.

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