The Online Hiring Process: Managing Overenthusiastic Applicants

The Online Hiring Process: Managing Overenthusiastic Applicants

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If you’re on a hiring committee, you’ll know that while the hiring process is exciting because you’re adding a new member to your company’s team, it can also be a highly stressful experience. You post your job description on multiple social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter — not to mention all of your industry’s online job boards. Your ad targets many people, and you receive a lot of applications; as in, hundreds and hundreds of applicants.

You must prepare to filter through every resume that pops up in your inbox to give each applicant a fair chance. Occasionally, you might come across an overly zealous candidate. Their intentions may be to demonstrate to you how enthusiastic they are about the job by:

  • Sending daily emails, asking about the position’s updates.
  • Commenting on your company’s social sites about the status of the position.
  • Applying to other open positions at your place of work.
  • Directly reaching out to people unrelated to the hiring process over LinkedIn, Instagram, or email.

Furthermore, they might ignore communication boundaries. For example, you may state that the deadline to apply for a job is November 30, yet they persist by sending emails about their application from the second the job listing goes live. While this individual might be a great candidate for the position, you have to question this type of aggressive behaviour.

Before you hire or dismiss this person, you must ask yourself a few questions. How will they interact with the rest of the team? Are they a team player? Or, is this bold display of confidence a sign of leadership?

You can manage an overenthusiastic candidate and get to the bottom of things using a few different methods.

Don’t Avoid Them

Sometimes people just want to be acknowledged. If you’ve looked over their resume, read the cover letter, and looked at their LinkedIn page, and you still don’t feel that this person has the qualifications or experience, tell them the position has been filled. Send a short, polite email letting them know that you thank them for their time.

Make the Communication Options Clear in the Job Description

A practical approach is to make your modes of communication very clear from the get-go. You might want to say that the company doesn’t respond to LinkedIn or Instagram messages. While it’s common sense to a lot of people, others might require a reminder. If an individual continues to message you or someone from your team via these social media platforms, then you’ll know immediately they either didn’t fully read the ad, or they don’t feel the rules apply to them. You won’t be interviewing that person.

Hire an Employment Agency to Help You

Sometimes, pushy candidates can turn into excellent candidates. But how can you tell? You need employment recruitment experts to sit down with your potential candidates to find out. Reach out to a company such as — their clients trust them so much that 73.3% of them come back for their outstanding services. A professional recruiter has the experience to know if a candidate’s personality fits your office culture or not and if the aggression they’ve already shown might be a red flag.

With some patience, an expert’s help, and clear communication over social media, you can manage those assertive applicants politely and professionally.

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