The Most Important Cyber Security Services

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The Most Important Cyber Security Services

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The modern world is digital. The internet has changed so much about our lives and technology at large will come to dominate the future. It already is. Whether you are a tech person or prefer the days of old, it’s vital to be realistic about what is happening. It’s crucial to be conscious of not just the benefits that technology offers, but the threats as well. With new solutions come new problems. There is no way around it. Embracing technology also comes with protecting yourself from threats. Continue reading below for the most important cyber security services everyone should be using.

Firewall & Anti-Malware Software

You’ve heard of McAfee, but the firewall and anti-malware software the controversial man designed is just the beginning. Every computer should have some sort of firewall and anti-malware software installed. It is an important first step to protect your device and network from hackers and malware. Most companies offer these services in a bundle, but you will need to remember to use it. Keeping up with your computer is mandatory in today’s world. The first step is to do the bare minimum and utilize firewall and anti-malware software.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Another basic but incredibly useful tool is the virtual private network, otherwise known as a VPN. VPNs are basically browsers that are fully encrypted. Encryption is the process of scrambling file data and metadata so that outsiders cannot see it without a code. This means that no one will be able to see what websites you are on or the information that you input into them. A VPN is a great tool against identity theft. Whether you are a technology person or not, a VPN is just due diligence. Everyone should be using one of these services. The modern world demands it.

Encrypted Messengers

Like VPNs, there are also messaging services that are fully encrypted. This isn’t partially encrypted like WhatsApp. With a service like Signal, you will be able to completely protect your messages. When you are sending vital information, private photos or videos, and sensitive documents, you should use a messenger app that is fully encrypted. That way, no one will be able to see what you are sending people and what you are receiving. Even if you “aren’t doing anything wrong,” that’s not the point. Cyber security and privacy are paramount in today’s technological world. It’s always a great idea to use an encrypted messenger app.

Penetration Testing

One area that is particularly pertinent for businesses is penetration testing. will routinely test and investigate who has been on your network. Even when nothing has happened, penetration testing will know when an unauthorized IP address has entered your network. Penetration testing can help you stop an attack before it happens. 

Instead of thinking about breaches in your network like routine events, think of them as attacks. When you use a penetration testing service, you will be able to know who was in your network and for how long. Furthermore, this service will identify gaps in security tools, prioritize risks, and identify “backdoors.” With routine penetration testing, you will be able to improve your overall cyber security by understanding where your flaws are and how you can improve.

Cloud Services

Whether you are an individual with a full device or a company working with valuable data, Cloud services are a must in today’s world. Not only will an off-site Cloud storage service protect your data on a separate server, but it can also provide the encryption you need even when there is a breach. If you have an attack on your network, your data will be secure on a different one. Finally, sensitive data can be analyzed and whatever you are doing can be improved. Like VPNs and anti-malware, you can’t skip the Cloud service.

Whether you are a multinational company or a person who wants to have better online protection, the cyber security services above will enable you to have peace of mind and work towards a safer digital existence. There are threats from nearly all angles. The average person will experience identity theft. If you want to avoid this and other attacks, it’s time to utilize these cyber security services.

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