The Impact of Social Media on Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC]

Nine percent of social media users engage with brands every single day, and they experience it through a system that provides regular customer service using social media platforms.

The proper delivery of an organized customer service will make or break any type of business. It is important for consumers to feel they are carefully listened to and properly taken care of, and every so often, time is crucial.

According to a survey conducted and summarized in an infographic by call center agency The Connection, when customers experience a problem related to a particular product, 57 percent of them first go to the Internet to look for a solution. About 91 percent of customers surveyed said they will use an online knowledgebase if it is accessible and suits their standards.

Then social media comes into the picture. This platform has evolved into a rapidly transforming and engaging digital arena wherein hundreds of thousands of news and content are transferred every second. A Facebook or Twitter user has the ability to watch carefully each update, like, share, comment, tweet, and retweet, on practically any topic that interests him or her.

When it came to social media, The Connection found that 80 percent of Twitter users and more than half of Facebook users expect a quick reply to a customer service inquiry within 24 hours of tweeting or posting.

These days, nearly all businesses that increasingly take risks in social media platforms and monitor messages, comments, and any type of feedback from fans have seen amazing results based on their answers in customer care surveys. In addition, 37 percent of consumers say they are more inclined to customer service via social media than through a phone call. That percentage is dramatically rising, as new technologies and new generations of tech-savvy people get into the picture.

In brief, not only is it becoming increasingly important for businesses to apply and use social care to have an advantage over the competition, but also to deliver an educated, prompt service.

With all of those things in mind, how must a business implement online customer service and support? A business is not strictly required to join all the social platforms on the Internet. At first, aim for the four major players in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Each of these online social platforms has value and distinction in terms of its customer care and the publication of efforts and campaigns of the brand.

Customer support has to be a main concern. It has to allow and encourage customers to submit their concerns and problems, and keep fans updated on the latest events related to your business.

To explain further on how social media is shaping customer service, check out this infographic by The Connection.

the impact of social media on customer service

Author: Francis Rey

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