The Extraordinary iPhone 14 Pro Has Camera Issues: Users Reported

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iPhone 14 Pro users are complaining that their new, expensive device has camera shock issues. 

Software Update Coming 

The latest iPhone has a larger lens array but it may not be that good. Some users complained that the phone makes grinding noises. It also vibrates when trying to take photos using Snapchat, TikTok, and other third-party apps. 

Others reported that the device presents distorted images. The vibration and noises also damaged the camera’s hardware. 

Although the issue is not universal, Apple received quite a lot of complaints from various social media sites and forums. 

Some YouTubers even documented the issue. One of the videos on YouTube showed the phone vibrating uncontrollably. As a result, the lens can’t focus properly. But the YouTuber managed to have his device replaced for a new phone. 

Acknowledging the Issue 

Even though the issue is not universal, it affects a multitude of users and Apple acknowledged the issue. Unfortunately, the fix will only be released next week

To prevent the issue from wreaking havoc on your camera, you might want to avoid opening the camera when you use Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

If you let the OIS gyroscope grinds for extended periods, you could damage the camera. In fact, the company warns against attaching iPhones to things that vibrate excessively. 

The temporary workaround is to shoot photos with the built-in camera app. Once it is done, upload the images or videos to the third party of your choice. It could save your device from some stress until a fix is released. 

This is not the only issue that Apple has to device regarding its new devices. Last week, it released iOS 16.01.1 to fix a few issues affecting the new iPhones. The update addresses issues when you zoom in on the Pro Max. 

For this year, Apple released its flagship devices iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. Despite the whines, iPhone is still the company’s most important hardware. In 2021, the said device brought 40 billion in revenue. It is 3% up from the same period in 2020. 

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models house a 48MP camera. It is the first MP upgrade to an iPhone since the iPhone 6s. Even though the company has been providing improved camera hardware in the past, the MP count stayed the same. 

In addition to the camera upgrade, another interesting feature is Dynamic Island. It makes the pill-shaped camera a feature, instead of a compromise. For years, Apple had been the only company that maintained a punch-hole cutout for selfie cameras. Despite the many objections, Apple kept it because FaceID needed sophisticated cameras that can’t be downsized easily. But Apple left the notch behind and used a pill-shaped cutout for the front cameras. The cutout is not just a drastic change for the hardware but it makes it more useful. 

iPhone 14 lineup is indeed different from its predecessors. It may have quite a few bugs. But anyone who just upgraded from an older phone will still appreciate this new device.

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