The Evolution of High Definition Video Conferencing

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Times have changed since AT&T first introduced a video conferencing device in the 1960s, and so has the technology. The delays in transmitting the data caused choppy interactions and led people to talk over one another. Even so, the technology was still costly. The introduction of Blue Jean HD video conferencing changed all of that. Over time, the technology has improved. Now done over the internet, these calls are more affordable and more effective. The interference has been reduced, and the quality of the conference calls has improved with the use of HD connections.

What is HD Video Conferencing?

Video conferences use high definition to conduct online meetings between two or more people in remote locations. This technology provides an alternative to in-house meetings that often require members of the group to travel. With many more telecommuting positions in existence these days, along with outsourcing work to specialists who don’t work directly for the company, it makes sense to have this option to relay important messages and touch base with everyone involved on a particular project.

HD video conferencingis similar to HD TV, except that the TV is a one-way broadcast, while the video conferences is two-way. Both sides need to be HD compatible for it to work properly.

Advances in Video Conference Technology

Compared to earlier versions of the technology, HD video conferencing, which first hit the market back in 2006, offers better quality with low data transfer rates. This provides a more natural video flow. Processing delays are reduced by the HD technology. It was this latency that resulted in interruptions, making calls and meetings less effective. The benefits include:

  • Synchronized audio
  • A clear picture for better face-to-face interactions
  • Real-time screen scaring with the ability to share and read graphs, diagrams, blueprints, files or x-rays
  • Better engagement and streamlined company communications
  • Reinforced relationships
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to record and archive meetings for future reference or to create a video library for new employees

This technology has changed the nature of office jobs. Workers are no longer trapped in a cubicle or tied to a desktop computer with little to no human interaction. In fact, Blue Jean HD video conferencing can increase the amount of face time between employees and contractors. Better and more frequent communication between departments increases the overall production of the team. In addition, companies can screen potential candidates to fill positions, even when they do not live in close proximity to the business.

video-conferencingMany business owners and department heads believe HD video calls will be used more over time, allowing people to communicate effectively without in-person meetings. The nice things about these video calls is that they eliminate the misunderstandings that often occur through text, including emails.

Mass adoption of video conferencing will quickly replace voice calls as the preferred means of direct communication, according to Monica Parker, Morgan Lovell’s workplace director.

The Next Generation of Video Conferencing

According to an abstract in the Journal of Psychological Research in Cyberspace, CyberPsychology, video conferencing has made great strides, but still falls short of face-to-face communications. As businesses increase their use of video conferences, the focus may shift to minor things like camera placement, lighting and eye contact. Now that the technology allows for high quality calls, these are all important in establishing good communication and feeling a connection.

Cloud-based video conferencing is the way of the future. It removes the need to have the same technology on both ends of the call. It allows users to join in the meeting from virtually anywhere, using any type of device, including a mobile phone. It is this fast-growing technology that leads experts to believe it holds a place in the way businesses will communicate in the future.

Frederick Ledener, a professor of law at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, said, “The next 30 years is the period of the video.” He added that, “We’re in going to do a lot more by video than we ever did before, and then we ever thought we would.”

By regularly using Blue Jean HD video conferencing now, business owners can use it to their advantage to stay ahead of the curve. They can hire only the best employees, regardless of where they are located, and reduce the amount of travel needed to conduct meetings. Due to the reduced travel costs, more frequents meetings can also be arranged to improve the overall communication within the company.

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Author: Aaron Elliott

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