The Costs Incurred in Repairing Your Phone Urgently

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The Costs Incurred in Repairing Your Phone Urgently

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your phone wouldn’t work no matter what you tried to do, you know the need for urgent phone repair services.

There are a lot of factors that could contribute to you needing to have your phone repaired urgently. These factors include a cracked or broken screen, a battery that no longer charges, or even a software problem. When it comes to the associated expenses, the cost of repairing your phone urgently generally depends on the type of phone you’re using, the problem with the phone, your location, and, of course, the engineer repairing the phone. Read on to find out the various costs you may incur in repairing your phone urgently. 

Phone Repair Could Be Costly With The Manufacturer

Considering the rate at which mobile phones keep increasing in price, it’s not too surprising that mobile phone parts are also expensive. This means, if your phone has a broken screen, having it repaired may be expensive, especially if you take it back to the manufacturer or the distribution store. It won’t only cost you a reasonable sum, but it will also cost you some time. Therefore, a manufacturer’s store may not be the best place to take your phone for an urgent fix. 

The Cost Of An iPhone Screen Repair With The Manufacturer 

For instance, repairing a cracked phone will cost more than ordering a total screen replacement. Also, An iPhone screen will usually cost more than an Android phone screen.

Here’s a probable price list of the costs you can incur in getting your phone screen repaired at the Apple Store in the UK.

Phone TypeCost For Screen Repairs
iPhone 11 Pro Max£325.66
iPhone 11 Pro£285.66
iPhone 11£190.66
iPhone XS Max£325.66
iPhone Xs£285.66
iPhone X£285.66
iPhone XR£190.66
iPhone 8 plus£160.66
iPhone 8£150.66
iPhone 7plus£160.66
iPhone 7£160.66
iPhone 6s Plus£158.66
iPhone 6s£162.66
iPhone 6 plus£150.66
iPhone 6£130.66
iPhone SE£130.66

Usually, these repairs will cost less if you search for “” online and take your phone to third-party repair services. Of course, you’ll have to take the time to look for a reputable service provider to ensure the quality of their repairs and the safety of your device.

Third-Party Repair Services

To get an urgent repair for your smartphone, you may need to use a third-party phone repair service. Third-party phone repair services are service outlets approved by the manufacturer’s store for phone repairs. Their ability to fix your phone will be as good as the manufacturer’s store, but at a rate that’s almost 50% less than the store price.

However, determining the repair cost is dicey as each outlet gets to determine its price based on factors like the type of phone, the repair to be done, and the extent of the damage. 

For instance, an average third-party repair service will repair a broken iPhone screen starting at GBP£70. Moreover, fixing your iPhone battery problems will usually cost between GBP£60-£65. The bonus is you can even get a warranty for up to a year on the services rendered. 

Because of the urgency of fixing your phone, you could request an appointment from your office or home.

Third-Party Repair Cost For Android Phones

Unlike iPhones that operate a transparent pricing system, the Android third-party repair cost isn’t so transparent. However, there is a valid reason for these pricing differences—it’s because Android phone models and problems are incredibly diverse. So, most third-party repair services wait until they can carefully assess the problem before they can give you the cost of repair. 

To give you some idea, fixing an Android phone usually costs between USD$250 to USD$550, according to the Amazon mobile repair service. However, a third-party repair service can take care of the same repairs for approximately 60% less of what Amazon will charge.

Factors That Determine Urgent Phone Repair Costs

Here are other factors that determine the costs of urgent phone repairs:

  1. The age of your phone

If your phone isn’t a new model, it’ll probably cost less to repair than a newer model of the same phone. The general problems like battery and screen problems will be easy to fix and won’t cost much either.

  1. Waterlogged phones

Unlike the general problem of battery and screen damages, waterlogged phones are more challenging to fix and will take more time and expertise to repair properly. Therefore, this could cost a bit more. To put it in perspective, you can expect to pay anything between USD$50 to USD$120.

  1. The urgency

If you need to fix your phone urgently, you should know you’ll be charged for the standard phone repair, plus the additional fee of prioritizing your device to fix it as soon as possible. The cost usually varies from USD$50 to USD $150. To get your phone repaired urgently, you may need to have it mailed to you, or the repair service can have a specialist in your chosen location to deliver a home service repair for you. Depending on your choice, you’ll incur extra costs. However, the good news is that you don’t have to wait a long time before you have your phone functional again. 


Sometimes, you have no choice but to have your phone fixed urgently. You may have a cracked screen, waterlogged phone, severe battery issues, or even a software problem. The important things to consider when you need to fix your phone are where you want it fixed, how much you want to spend on it, and how long you can stay without it.

The manufacturer’s stores may fix your phone for you. However, this may cost you more money and time. A third-party phone repair service can offer the same service but at a cheaper rate. This means when you need to repair your phone urgently, your best bet is often with licensed third-party repair services.

Nonetheless, you must be extremely careful when choosing your phone repair service. Ensure your third-party phone repair service is certified and licensed to offer the services you need and can give you a warranty. 

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