The American Red Cross Releases First-Aid App

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The new American Red Cross app allows smart phone users to learn about first aid and respond to emergency situations (Image: via

The American Red Cross released a new free app that contains basic life-saving info, readily available to smartphone users, especially during emergencies.

This app is available for both iPhone and Android platforms, and allows you to get first-aid instructions instantly.

Furthermore, the Red Cross app helps users deal with such situations as heart attacks, meningitis, poisoning, choking, burns, bleeding and allergies. It features interactive quizzes and instructions for each first-aid guide come with a video as well.

According to Lindsay Findley, who works at the Aiken County’s American Red Cross chapter as its executive director, “…this is such a simple tool to use, and the point of it is to walk people of all backgrounds and all ages through it easily so they can be ready whenever they face an emergency. The app is simple to use and will aid those in an emergency, whether it’s in the backyard, in the conference room or anywhere in between.”

The number of people using smartphones is rapidly growing, and this app is a way to share useful life-saving info to a lot of people, so that they will know what to do in health risk situations. Findley said that “…the widespread availability of this technology creates a new opportunity for the American Red Cross to develop a suite of apps tailored to specific emergencies that people face.”

The app is just one among several others that will launch soon, called Preparedness and Health and Safety apps.

Aside from the App Store or the Google Play Store, you can text GETFIRST to 90999 for a link to this app.

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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