The 6 Laws of Social Media Marketing

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 The Different Concepts of Social Media Marketing

The Different Concepts of Social Media Marketing

It’s very important to realize the power that social media marketing and the right content have when it comes to bringing both your audience and customer base right to where you want them to be, and this can only be achieved by using that power, the right way.

Understanding the fundamentals of social media marketing is also very important, because then only will you know how to properly utilize all the different marketing avenues that social media provides users with. Following are six laws that will help you serve your customers better and improve your brand like never before.

The Law of Listening

Ask anyone. The ultimate success that comes with social media paired with content marketing is largely due to listening more and talking less. As an online business owner, you must have already identified who your target audience is; now all you will have to do is read what they are posting on social media websites and join discussions and posts which will give you an idea as to what is actually important to them.

The Law of Focus

Specialization always beats the jack of all trades concept and this is what you should do too! Putting in all the effort on a single yet highly focused social media marketing strategy will prove to be much more successful at building a strong brand as compared to working on a broad strategy that attempts to be everything to the audience.

The Law of Quality

Remember, quality always trumps quantity. Just think about it for a minute, is it better to have access to 1,000 online connections that not only read, but also share and talk about what you post with their own audiences or 10 times the amount of connections that disappear after making initial contact?

The Law of Compounding

The only way you will be able to build an online audience of quality followers is by posting good quality and meaningful content on your website. This will lead your online followers to sharing the content with their own audiences on different social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and even their own blogs etc.

This sharing will eventually make it much easier for new hordes of possible followers to find you via Google, due to the many entry points now available.

The Law of Influence

One surefire trick to building up your online presence is through certain influencers in the market who have an impressive number of quality followers and who might also be interested in your brand or business. Find and connect with them.

The Law of Value

Your target audience will stop listening if you make it a habit of directly promoting your brand or business every time on social media. This is considered to be the worst social marketing tactic ever, because then, the audience doesn’t find anything of value in the content published.

A tip to get out of this funk is to focus instead, on the quality of the content you publish; does it have value or not? What you will get out of this is their word-of-mouth marketing, which will be great for your business.

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