Tesla Launched Wireless Charging Platform

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Tesla Released Its Own AirPower


In 2017, Apple announced its Apple AirPower charging mat. It could recharge three devices simultaneously. However, it didn’t see the light of day. The company stated that there was an engineering issue. 

At that time, Apple concluded that AirPower couldn’t achieve its high standards. Since it was announced, AirPower had more time to tweak the device and listen to public opinion. But its engineering department couldn’t finish the product and resolve the issue of it running too hot. 

Five years later, Tesla announced its Wireless Charging Platform. The electric car company called it FreePower from Aira, a startup. It’s the same platform utilized in other charging mats, such as Nomad Base Station Pro. The technology provides up to 15W of fast charging. And it could charge up to three devices simultaneously. 

According to reports, you can just toss your device on the surface and it’ll get recharged no matter where it lands. 

Unfortunately, this premium product doesn’t come cheap because it costs $300. 

Aira is the company that developed the recharging platform. It raised $16 million since it was founded in 2017. Its investors include Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Jawad Ahsan. 

What is AirPower? 

It’s a mat that could charge up your devices wirelessly without having to tinker around and find the right placement of the charging coils. 

However, the price can be exorbitant for many. It’s giving a Cybertruck aesthetic while using FreePower’s tech. FreePower licenses its wireless charging design to other companies. 

Although you can easily position your devices on a wireless charger with FreePower, you can’t charge your Apple Watch on the mat. The reason for this is that it only works with devices compatible with the Qi standard. Apple Watch requires a MagSafe charger or magnetic pluck. 

Tesla’s charging platform can’t simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. After all, it didn’t develop the tech. 

This product is not for everyone though. In fact, Tesla only tries to convince a small percentage of people who reserved its Cybertruck. 

Currently, Tesla’s stock price is going down. It’s said to be the result of Elon continuing to sell billions of dollars worth of stock. Plus, he’s been vocal about his right-wing politics that are truly turning off people who are liberals. The company even offered a $7,500 discount on its models. But it only worsens investors’ concerns. 

The charging mat may be overpriced. But if you are interested, you can pre-order at Tesla

Elon Musk has faced questions about his behavior with Twitter. He either gets in fights with investors or stops a routine spending bill. 

Recently, he talked about those issues and TSLA’s recent price drop. However, Musk said that the main contributor to the drop is the fed interest rate. It drives capital flight and it suppresses the demand for consumer products that are bought with debt. 

However, investment experts refuted that fed rates are the main reason TSLA’s stock is falling. They said that the electric car maker’s performance has underperformed compared to other stocks in the same sector.

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