Telegram launches voice to text feature as app clocks 700 million users

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Telegram is buzzing these days; the chat app has a lot going for it these days. Fresh from rolling out its premium service, the company is adding a voice to text feature to make using its app even easier and more fun.

The voice to text feature will serve a useful purpose, and will specifically come to good use when you do not feel like listening to audio. The feature, according to Telegram, can be improved by constantly rating transactions. 

Telegram did not state if the voice to text feature is exclusive to premium users alone, but surely, this is one feature to look out for. For the record, it is the only chat app with such a feature; making Telegram one good app when it comes to unique features.

The company also announced that it has clocked 700 million users. This is all-thanks to regular updates and lovely features like the voice to text one that has just been added.

A couple of months ago, Telegram added support for crypto payments on its platform. The new addition could make crypto payments on Telegram more mainstream. The widely used chat app announced the feature via Twitter earlier in the week.

Telegram’s toncoin token is managed by the TON Foundation, and has enabled fee-free payments. This update allows you to send crypto to other users using toncoin [TON] within the app. You can now also buy bitcoin within the Telegram app.

In 2019, Telegram was forced to drop its plan to launch its token after a legal challenge from the SEC. SEC had sued the chat app after it raised $1.7 billion to develop its token; an action described as illegal at the time. Telegram later returned capital to investors and paid a fine to the SEC.

In not-too pleasant news, Telegram reportedly bowed to government pressure to give up personal information to the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany. This is contrary to the company’s age-long policy of not compromising user-data. This report, if true, could affect the confidence of an app that has the respect of over 500 million monthly active users across the world.

The data reportedly in question belongs to suspect suspects that are involved in crimes related to terrorism and child abuse. Perhaps, the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany were able to have easy access to the data due to the nature of the crime—terrorism and child abuse are not treated with kid gloves. According to XDA Developers, this is the first time that Telegram is releasing information to the German police.

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Author: Ola Ric

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