Telegram launches sharable chat folders and more

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Telegram 9.6 has been released, and it comes with some new features including sharable chat folders. Sharable folders allows your friends, family, or colleagues to join all the chats residing within. Also, users can now share public chats or groups where they are the admin. You can enable chat folders right from Telegram’s settings menu.

The new Telegram 9.6 also comes with customs wallpapers, which allow you to add photos from your gallery in addition to the default options available within the app.

Wallpapers, according to Telegram, can be added to 1-on-1 chats, while people on the other end will receive an interactive “special message,” allowing them to add the same wallpaper to the conversation. You can access the wallpaper option via the three-dot overflow menu from the chat header on Android.

Groups with less than 100 members that have topics enabled can now glean more information from the read receipts. This include knowing the time when other members viewed your message.

The new update also features a better way to access Send When Online. This require you to only press and hold the Send button, provided you have last seen enabled on the app.

According to Android Police, Telegram 9.6 allows you to create a group without adding any members, which the developers say can help users pin some notes or modify permissions before adding people.

Telegram 9.6 is already rolling out on the Play Store, and should be available to all users in a short while.

Last February, the chat app rolled out some handy new features for both paid and free users. The roll out means Premium users will have access to transmission of video messages.

Previously, the feature was only limited to voice messages, but will now be available on videos as well. Sometimes, you find yourself a noisy environment where you can barely grab the audio of the clip. With video transcription, however, that should not be a problem anymore.

Telegram has also rolled out ‘Topics,’ a new feature that helps some of the issues bothering groups with lots of members. Groups with over 200 members can toggle Topics to set aside a portion of the group for a topic you are interested in.

Text resizing is another new feature launched by Telegram. When it is enabled, you can easily adjust the size of your texts across replies, headers, and previews.

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Author: Ola Ric

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