Telegram adds new quick translation button for premium subscribers

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Telegram has a new update, and it is one you will like. The app has added a new quick button for translating entire conversations, Android Police Reports. Telegram’s new quick translation feature is, however, only available to premium subscribers.

The new translation button appears at the top of a foreign-language thread and should make things easier for a lot of users using the app. When you go to the options menu, you can select which of the languages to translate or hide the bar.

One new feature launched alongside the translation button is the ability to set a sticker or animated emoji as a profile picture for your account, groups, or channels. This feature, however, is available to both premium and free users on Telegram.

As at December, Telegram Premium had amassed more than 1 million users since it was launched sometimes in 2022. Telegram Premium was the company’s first real attempt at monetizing its services; and 1 million paid subscribers in less than six months of its launch is not a poor start.

Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of Telegram announced the landmark achievement this week via his channel. In his exact words, Durov described the latest milestone as “one of the most successful examples of a social media subscription plan ever launched.”

Despite the achievement, the 1 million subscription only “represents just a fraction of Telegram’s overall revenue,” Durov said via his Telegram channel. The company hopes to have its subscription plan match its ads revenue in the near future.

Thanks to successful monetization, Telegram will be able to pay for the servers, traffic and wages necessary to keep building new features and supporting existing ones. While some other apps consider their users a tool to maximize revenue, we consider revenue a tool to maximize value for our users,” Durov wrote in his channel at the time.

In November, Telegram rolled out some handy new features for both paid and free users. Premium users will now have access to transmission of video messages.

Previously, the feature was only limited to voice messages, but will now be available on videos as well. Sometimes, you find yourself a noisy environment where you can barely grab the audio of the clip. With video transcription, however, that should not be a problem anymore.

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Author: Ola Ric

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