Teaming Up Social Media with Email Marketing to Establish Your Online Presence.

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Social media and email marketing are two of the most popular online marketing techniques. They are very different, but that should not stop you from using them together to get more out of both.

Email is a highly effective marketing tool, and your email list can become an essential marketing asset as you grow it. Social media provides a different way to communicate with your audience, and you can use it to enhance your brand image and grow your reputation.

Rather than just focusing on one or the other, however, here are some ideas for integrating your social media and email marketing to give both of them a boost.


Make Social Icons Visible in Your Emails


One of the simplest ways to integrate your email and social media marketing is to use clear social icons in your emails. Put them right at the top of each email so that they cannot be missed, and you may even want to remind your email subscribers to share the email.

Another option is to send emails reminding your subscribers about your social media networks and that they can benefit from signing up to follow you. Provide them with some great reasons to follow you, and you could give your number of friends or followers a boost.

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Use Social Media to Increase Email Sign-Ups


Social media can be an effective way to get more people to sign up to receive your emails. There are different ways that you can do this, but they all essentially involve tempting your followers to sign up by providing them with something of value in return for an email address.

On Twitter, this is easy to do. Simply go to Twitter Ads and click on ‘Creatives.’ From here, you can create a lead generation card, and once you have created your card, you can encourage people to sign up to your emails without ever having to leave Twitter.

You can also do this on Facebook, but in a slightly different way. The best option on this site is to use the Call to Action button to easily send people to a specific landing page on your website where they can then sign up to your email list.

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Use Email to Get More Shares


Getting lots of shares for your updates and content is one of the most important activities on social media, and if you hire a specialist like Simple Is Good Inc, this is one of the things that they may work on improving. If you are having trouble with your shares, you can really give them a boost by using your email subscribers.

One of the best ways to supercharge your shares is to get social media users with the most influence to share your content. However, they are unlikely to do this unless your content has already generated enough social proof to demonstrate that it really does provide value.

You could therefore write to your email subscribers asking them to share your content. If enough of them do so, this can help to increase your shares, which can help you get more influencers to share it as well, and this can take your number of shares to the next level.


Improve Your Social Media Retargeting


Retargeting is a popular form of advertising on social networks, but you can get even more from it when you make use of your email subscribers. Simply send out an email that contains an action such as visiting a certain page on your site, and you can then track those who act on the email. These are likely to be the people who will react best to your retargeting ads, so you can focus on targeting just them rather than anyone else.


Send Emails Via LinkedIn Groups


Another way you can integrate email and social media is to launch a LinkedIn group. When people sign up to your LinkedIn group, they can receive emails that will keep your name fresh in their minds. The secret is to make sure you create a group that really is worth joining, and that provides value and information of real interest. Then you could use this as another way to get into more inboxes.


Get Smarter with Email and Social Media


The argument is not which to use, social media or email, but instead how you can use them together to get more out of both. These techniques can help you to increase your email subscribers and give your social activity a boost, so try some of them out yourself.

Ralph Pieczonka is the director of Simple Is Good Inc, developing services to help small and medium sized businesses simplify their web presence. Ralph has been providing web development, marketing and IT consulting services since 1996 in various capacities.



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