Taylor Swift’s moving out, a success story for Spotify

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Megastar Taylor Swift’s previous issues with Spotify which lead her to remove her tunes on the music application actually had a positive effect.  Spotify, which is an application that streams music online and also offline, has a rather positive effect on what the artist made. On Monday, Spotify Chief Executive, Daniel Ek stated that the artist’s decision of removing her tunes on Spotify actually helped the service. It made an open door for new listeners. “Her moving out was actually a success”, Daniel Ek said.

The chief executive mentioned that when the pop superstar removed all her music last year it attracted a whole new group of people listening to Spotify. “The middle of America found out what Spotify was, so we had a big success,” Ek said, speaking via video conference at the IAB Mixx interactive advertising conference in New York. “I wish we could have gotten that attention in a better way than pissing off Taylor Swift.”

Spotify is just one of the many applications that offer music streaming services. It has a wide range of music list from different genres. It is truly a feast and gold mine for music lovers and seekers respectively. Listeners can get the premium with a subscription of $10 dollars a month which is truly affordable noting that Spotify has a wide range of music choices from all genres.

The service is also available offline on mobile apps and even without the subscription. However, it does not have the features that the premium offers. Unlike the premium that plays your playlist without any ads interruption, the offline service on the other hand plays advertisements randomly on your playlist.

Spotify has already taken its ground before Swift pulled off. The application is significantly increasing and has already reached a wider audience, with around 75 million people using the service regularly. Their method of streaming music via subscription is creating a change on how people listen to music.

It has become an essential and practical change. Subscription now became much more convenient rather than paying for digital downloads as what Apple’s iTunes store is doing.  While her hit album “1989” was out last November, 2014, Swift removed all her record of music out of Spotify. Her main reason was that she does not want to contribute her life’s work to a startup that does not compensate artists properly.

Ek, agrees with Swift though, stating that artists specifically musicians deserve to be compensated well. The Chief Executive said, “We agree music should not be free…it should have a lot more value in society than it currently does.”.

Swift’s playlists will no more be available on Spotify after she pulled off everything in here music list. But Ek noted that her fans can still listen to her music via the free services of Youtube or Pandora. Some of Swift’s album is also available on other music streaming sites and still for free. Watch out though for copyright issues not just in listening but even in downloading

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Author: Franco Neil

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