SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS is Back

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It’s back from the grave.

SwiftKey Has Come Back to App Store 

Last month, Microsoft retired its SwiftKey keyboard on iOS. It continues to work on iPhones with SwiftKey before the company sunset it. 

Microsoft acquired the keyboard maker in 2016. Before its acquisition, it has been used by more than 300 million users. When Microsoft bought it, the company used its technology to improve Windows 10 PC’s touch keyboard. 

Unfortunately, iOS had not received updates for more than a year. Hence, speculations that the app would soon bid adieu. And in September, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the iOS version would be removed from the App Store. 

At that time, Microsoft stated that it would continue to support SwiftKey Android. It didn’t share details about the reason the company decided to retire it.

Popular Demand 

Even though Microsoft retired it on October 5, the company decided to bring it back due to popular demand. It also announced that it is bringing new features to the tech. 

According to Pedram Rezaei, “With popular demand, we are bringing #SwiftKey is coming back to iOS.” When asked if he could provide sneak peeks for updates and features, he only said that the company is invested heavily in the keyboard. He wanted everyone to just stay tuned. 

Many were furious about Microsoft’s deacons to kill the keyboard for iOS. For them, it’s one of the best keyboards on iPhone and Android devices. They prefer it over Gboard. 

Why SwiftKey Keyboard is Better? 

Compared to the native keyboards on iOS, SwiftKey utilizes AI to learn the writing style of the user. It also supports colorful themes. To help you type faster, you can use swipe typing. 

In recent years, though, it’s the Android version that gets more updates. Thankfully, Microsoft realized that iOS users need it, too. 

When Mircosoft retired the iOS version, iPhone users had no choice but to switch to Apple’s default keyboard. Unfortunately, they are not too happy about it. 

One of them said that they often mistype “a” and “s.” Some also said that the default keyboard’s auto-correction feature doesn’t work properly. 

SwiftKey made everything far better when it comes to typing on iOS devices. It’s truly great news for iOS users because it’s a favorite keyboard of many. 

The keyboard doesn’t have the same speed and accuracy as a traditional keyboard. However, it makes it easier to fire off quick messages. The more you use the app, the smart suggestions get better. 

It supports several languages. 

It also goes one step further when it comes to autocomplete. It attempts to deduce words according to context and habits. 

If you compare it to the iOS default keyboard, SwiftKey’s predictions are more accurate. They are also more useful than autocorrect. However, you need to train yourself to study the suggestions and choose one before completing a word. 

This is one of the few iOS apps that take full advantage of the operating system. It has a smart design and an array of options. No wonder iOS users are glad Microsoft decided to bring it back.

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