Survey highlights the rise of TikTok against Instagram among teens

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A new Forrester survey has found that TikTok has a 13% rise in weekly usage between 2020 and 2021. In comparison, Instagram has dropped 4 percent during the same period. The survey combines responses from more than 4,600 teenagers in the US.

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Forrester’s Consumer Technographics US Youth Survey also found that 63% of US teens now use TikTok weekly. This is 50% higher than last year. Instagram dropped to 57% from 61% during the same period.

The recent figures highlight how rapid TikTok is growing. Its popularity among younger users has been a real threat to Facebook’s numbers since 2019. If this continues, Facebook—now Meta—may have to rethink its strategy.

This new Forrester report shows how the arrival of Instagram’s Reels barely affected TikTok’s show of force. Facebook even went as far as prodding US Government officials about security issues on Chinese-owned apps. To make it a more viable competitor to TikTok, Meta also rolled out Reels to Facebook.

Still, we have yet to see a measure that can fend off the strength of TikTok. It is stealing away younger audiences, and they keep sprouting like mushrooms. And this has demoted Instagram’s position.

Forrester has found that users see TikTok to be more fun and with a more positive experience than Instagram.

Although you will not find it in the chart, YouTube is still the most-used app among US teens. The study found that around 72% of teens use YouTube weekly.

As you can see, YouTube and TikTok now lead the way. It is worth mentioning though that YouTube Shorts has been copying how TikTok works. Instagram and Facebook have slipped further into the back seat.

Meta must hold its ground on younger audiences to maximize its prospects in the Metaverse stage. If it can lure more developers, it still has a chance to fend off its competition.

The real question is if Meta can still win back younger users or is it too late. TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat have surpassed its popularity in this demographic.

We will keep you posted as things unfold.

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Author: Francis Rey

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