Surprising Ways to Organize Your Desktop and Make It Clean

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We all have those files and folders of our past projects in our desktop. They’re forgotten documents that might be slowly taking over your screen for months. When you hoard files on your desktop, it can be difficult for you to locate the file or folder when you need it. Apart from that, they can also compromise your computer’s speed.

Good thing is that there are things that can help you organize your desktop and make it clean.

1. Use a sectioned wallpaper

Surprising Ways to Organize Your Desktop and Make It Clean

Surprising Ways to Organize Your Desktop and Make It Clean

Your desktop wallpaper can be a great way for you to display a photo of your loved ones or a selfie from your latest vacation.

But to organize your desktop, you can use a wallpaper that can actually help you stay organized.

It’s a wallpaper design that makes it easy for you to corral some sections of your work. It’s a built-in organization wallpaper that can help you stay organized. These desktop organizers will make you super structured. At a glance, you can take a look at those files/folders and know what you have on your desktop and the items that need to take action with.

2. Create a folder

If your desktop is so cluttered it’s already affecting your productivity, then it’s probably time for your to clear the air by creating a folder system.

Once you have created folders for your files, you can start to organize them.

How you organize them will depend on your folder system and the folder’s role.

For example, you can create a folder for your work documents and another folder for your blog posts. It’s also ideal that you organize your photos into folders to make it easier for you to locate them if you wish to view them.

3. Get a motivational wallpaper

If you’re not a fan of a sectioned wallpaper that I’ve previously mentioned, then you might want to try some wallpaper options that can motivate you to stay organized. There’s something about reading a motivational message on your desktop. It can be a friendly, daily reminder to help you stay organized.

There are a ton of motivation wallpaper options. Or you may choose to create your own wallpaper with your favorite motivation/inspiration quote. You may head over to Canva to start creating your own image and set it as your wallpaper on your computer.

4. Schedule a cleaning time

Once you have organized your desktop, you need to maintain it. Sometimes, the clutter comes back without you noticing it because of your busy schedule and other things that occupy your mind.

Now, to ensure that your desktop is organized all the time, you should perform a regular desktop maintenance by setting a recurring event on your calendar. This will remind you to get rid of those things that you don’t need and organize your files and folders.

Scheduling maintenance at the end of the day can be great. If you can’t do it, you can try once a week or twice a week.

Over to You

How do you organize your desktop? Do you use one of those tips mentioned above? Do you have something to share with us? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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