Surprising Ways to Boost Sales Through Social Media in 2019

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Surprising Ways to Boost Sales Through Social Media in 2019


Social media remains a powerful tool for many individual entrepreneurs and businesses. Americans now are spending more of their time on social media than reading their emails.

Online users spend 23% of their online time on social media. They update their status, upload photos, check their friends’ photos, etc. Then, there’s a huge percentage of social media network users who are shopping actively online.

Unfortunately, most marketers are using social media in the wrong way. They chase the hottest trends and concentrate on growth hacking. But there are social media marketing strategies that have been successful and will continue that way.

Instead of finding a new social media marketing mix, you can integrate these effortless ways to boost your marketing efforts and improve your sales.

Avoid Focusing on Boosting Sales

You may think that it is counterproductive. However, you need to remember that social media is not about making sales. Most people use it to connect with their family and favorite brands.

People will unfollow you if your goal is to try to sell on social media. Instead, connect with your followers first.

Boost Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the ideal places to promote your brand. After all, your target audience is there. Many social media channels are now offering different sets of opportunities to allow them to promote their brand in various environments.

But make sure to know some metrics first before you can measure brand awareness. One of those metrics is the post reach. Note the number of users your posts reach daily, weekly and monthly. It is also important to study your follower count and the users that your brand can reach out to. Then, look into the mentions and shares, as well as re-posts.

The good thing is that you can use the native analytics of social media sites. Or you can opt to use third-party tools to give you a better approach to your company’s social media metrics.

Improve Content Marketing

Most brands focus their effort on digital marketing. They spend most of their money into display marketing and create beautiful ad campaigns. However, if you are only doing ads, you ignore the significant portion of online marketing. That is content marketing.

To use content marketing, it is vital to have a sound content plan. Make sure that you have a better understanding of the reasons for your content. When implementing a content marketing strategy, you must focus on creating quality content.

By content, it does not only mean articles but you must also integrate videos that can add value to your readers. The best content aims to educate viewers.

Inspiring and educating them with your quality post will not only add value to your viewers but it also builds trust. Furthermore, it can increase your authority on your niche.

As a result, your site gets higher quality engagement. It also encourages people to share your post with others.

Since your content is posted online, it remains there for years and people can find it in the future. The search engine can find your content and some people can read it on social media.

Monitor Customers and Competitors

To succeed, you must know the people you are marketing to. Then, make sure you know your competitors and what they are up to. Plus, evaluate where your marketing efforts are heading.

Knowing all of these will help you create better marketing decisions and strategies. To help you find these data, you need a social listening tool. This tool will help you monitor any relevant conversations and keywords across social media. From there, you can carry out market research while finding your relevant influencers.

Having a better social listening strategy will help you track any conversations that mention your brand. From there, you can join in the discussion.

Monitoring your competitors’ activities will also help you comprehend their digital marketing and the strategies that work for them. You will also know the type of content that they create.

Increase Sales with Social Influencers

Apart from building your social media accounts and following, you should also consider using social media influencers. These influencers are individuals with a huge following. Remember that most consumers trust social influencers. You may use their talents in creating content for better visibility and sales.

But be careful in using social media influencers. Some of their followers are fake. The influencers acquire their followers inorganically. It means that they purchase their followers or use comment pods.

When evaluating influencers, you must examine their social media activities and evaluate a sudden increase in their engagement or followers. If they obtained a major spike in a short period of time, then it is a red flag.

Then, look at their comments. If they are filled with emojis or comments from the same person, then it could be a sign that they are fake.

Opt to work with an influencer who has a wider reach sans a large follower count.

Improve Customer Service 

Customer service is an ideal way to boost sales. One of the reasons is that it builds loyalty. Having a significant number of loyal followers can lead to referrals to new customers.

You can boost your customer service by interacting with your audience on your social media channels. Reply to every query or feedback. Responding quickly to a query can prove that your brand offers quick service.

Engage conversations and educate your audience. But you must test what form of communication that works best for your brand.

It is also vital to respond to reviews, especially negative reviews. When responding, though, make sure to do it respectfully. You must maintain your cool and avoid fighting back, no matter how rude the review is. Consider every review as an opportunity by asking them why they do not like your brand. If you could fix their issue, they might edit their review and make them positive.

Always remember that reviews will not only affect your online reputation but they also improve your ranking on Google Local listing.

When interacting with your customers on social media, especially on messenger chatbots, always be warm and helpful. When you create scripts for your bots, make sure to make the scripts human-like. In other words, they must not appear robotic.

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