Super Mario Run on iOS Devices

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Super Mario Run on iOS Devices

Super Mario is a beloved childhood game. It carries a lot of memories about your childhood. Most of you may have played it with your siblings for so long that you want to play it again. This time, it will be on your smartphone.

Outranking Pokemon Go

The Super Mario Run has finally made it on iOS devices. With the new release, it looks like it is on track to outrank Pokemon Go regarding popularity. Forecast data show that the app is said to hit 50 million downloads for its first month.

Why Introduced It To Apple?

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario in 1981, said that:

Super Mario Run on iOS Devices

“Part of the reason we took it to Apple was that in order for us to have the performance we wanted we needed some development support to ensure that the game would run the way we expected.”

“Naturally the people on the App Store initially told us that the free-to-play approach is a good one, but I’ve always had this image that Apple and Nintendo have very similar philosophies. As we started working together, I found that to be true and they became very welcoming of trying something new.”

The launching will be on December 15. When it becomes available, make sure that you have steady, constant Internet connection because the game will not have an offline mode. With a continuous network connection, it is possible that you can save your game’s progress and sync the info across multiple iDevices.

The online connection will also enhance the game experience for every player as it allows you to access scores of other players. The Super Mario Run will have three modes. The World Tour is a level-based platform while the Toad Rally lets you compete against players around the world. The third mode is the Kingdom Builder that allows you to build your Mario Kingdom.

Play The Demo

The Super Mario Run will be released on the 15th of December. But if you cannot wait that long, you can try it now by going to the nearest Apple Store, where you can find a demo version of the said game.

Is The Game Free?

Unfortunately, Super Mario Run is not free to play, unlike the Pokemon Go. The price tag for this new game is $10. It also does not look like it will share much of its profit. Pokemon Go, on the other hand,  makes a profit through micro-transactions. However, its revenue is split among Apple, Niantic, and Nintendo.

After the demo version released on December 9th, the company’s shares rose to 6.2 percent. The increase puts the company closer to the valuation at the peak of post-Pokemon Go bubble.

The Risk Of Piracy

According to the game’s creator, Super Mario Run will launch in 150 countries. Each country will have different network environments, making it secure for all users and preventing piracy.

“For Nintendo, we have a lot of kids that play our products. It was important for us to be able to offer Super Mario Run in a way that parents would feel assured that they could buy the game and give it to their kids without having to worry about future transactions. From early on, I thought that Apple would be a good partner so we could work on this new approach.” – Super Mario Creator

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