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Write for Social Barrel and be part of our growing community!

Do you have an idea that will tickle or excite the minds of our readers? If you do, then we want to know about it.

What we need from you is to provide our readers a fresh perspective on breaking news, developing IT trends and what’s going on in social media.

But we’ll be honest to you. Writing for Social Barrel may require hard work and dedication as we only want the best article to be published for our community to read.

Why Consider Writing for Social Barrel?

Changing Lives

Our community is passionate about technology, gadgets, mobile, social media and anything in between. They’re eager to know more about what is new in the IT world and learn about tips on how to go about the social media. Writing for us will give you a great opportunity to be part of that discussion.


Hundreds to thousands of your peers will read your article in our website. Your potential employers or clients may already be our loyal readers and will be able to read your published post.

Apart from writing for our readers, you will also learn plenty of things in the process. For instance, you will learn about how to communicate your ideas, write your opinion and start a topic that you thought will benefit our readers.

Reaching Global Audience

Our readers aren’t limited to the US. We have readers from Asia, Europe, Latin America and Australia. Once we’ve read, reviewed and accepted your piece, we’ll publish it right away.

We’ll also make sure that it’s read as many people as possible. When your piece is accepted, we’ll distribute and share it to our Facebook Page, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media sites.

Those published articles you’ve submitted to us will be stored in our library of the best content.

Setting Your Own Deadline

There’s no rush in making a contribution to our site. That said, you don’t have to worry about deadlines, except the target you created for yourself.

What We Need

We ONLY accept submissions that are original articles.

The ideal length is 700 to 1,500 words.

We definitely check your articles for plagiarism. If they’re plagiarized articles, we won’t publish them.

We will NEVER publish anything that has already been posted online. And that includes your own website.

Articles, News , Tutorials or Tips

What Happens After Sending Your Piece?

We’ll review your submission to know if it offers value to our readers.

We’ll get back to you with our feedback and let you know if we’re interested in publishing your piece to Social Barrel.

We can’t promise that we’ll include your piece in our website until you can provide us with nearly publication-perfect post.

Before You Submit

Ask yourself these:

“Is my article inspiring and informative?” The posts that we featured here are all informative and educational. If your article is non-inspiring and non-informative, then it’s not for us.

“Has it been published on Social Barrel?” We’ve already published a wide range of topics and news. Your piece must elaborate on a certain aspect that we haven’t covered yet or didn’t get the attention of our readers.

“Does it have a great title?” Our readers are busy individuals. You need a catchy headline to grab their attention.

“Am I offering value?” Our readers come to our website to seek the latest news about certain apps, gadgets and devices. They also visit our site to find answers to their social media woes. That said, you should cover tips that can be easily implemented by our readers. But the tips must be actionable, clear and precise.

“Does it contain needless words?” If it does, delete them. Take a good look at your piece and make sure that it only includes necessary words.

“Is it a self-promotional post?” Sorry, but we don’t accept this type of post.

“Is it current?” Our audience loves to read what’s new in the world of technology and social media. If it is not current, then it’s not for them.

Plain English

Our readers are English speaking people. Some of them are also new to IT. Thus, we prefer posts that are written in plain English when you describe IT terms.


We’ve already mentioned that you must include your sources. And we’d like to emphasize this again. If you’ve mentioned a study or a report, you should include a link.

Ideally, your links or sources should be from authority sites, academic journals and credible websites or news outlets.

Linking to those sources will help our readers investigate further. That is, if they want to know more about the topics you’re discussing.  

That being said please make absolutely sure that your article has at least 2 or 3 outbound links to high authority websites and also make absolutely sure that you include one inbound link as well with proper anchor text. Without this we will not accept your submission.

You must also include at least 1 high-quality image that is copyright free and that you feel would be a good match for Socialbarrel.com this is a necessary step in order for us to publish on our site.

Important Things to Remember

The articles you submit won’t get paid. Our guest writers are passionate writers. That said, they submit their work because they love the idea of writing and expressing their thoughts and share them with others.

We’ll also edit your content before publishing to make sure that they’ve met our style and guidelines.


Please send your piece to admin@socialbarrel.com or you may use the contact form provided below.

Sponsored Posts

If we’re interested in publishing your post to promote your products and services, we may charge a small fee for it. Please contact us for more information.

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