Study Reveals Most Online Creators Earn Below $100K Annually

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The rise of the creator economy has sparked excitement and optimism about the prospect of turning passions into profitable ventures online. However, recent research from Kajabi sheds light on the harsh reality faced by the majority of creators: earning a substantial income remains elusive for most.

online creators
online creators

Kajabi’s survey of 2,000 creators revealed a stark statistic – “96% of creators earn less than $100k/year.” This finding echoes previous studies, indicating that only a small fraction of them generate significant income from their content. In fact, Aspire’s research in 2022 showed that a mere 4.3% of them surpass the $100k mark annually.

Despite the proliferation of online platforms and tools, monetizing content remains a challenge for many creators. While success stories like MrBeast garner attention, they represent the exception rather than the rule. For the vast majority, achieving financial stability through content creation requires strategic thinking and diversified income streams.

Brand deals have traditionally been a primary source of income for creators. However, Kajabi’s report highlights the risks associated with relying solely on brand partnerships, citing their unpredictability and competitiveness. Successful creators, it suggests, embrace diversification by leveraging multiple revenue streams.

Digital products, teaching, and consulting emerge as lucrative avenues for high-earning creators. This underscores the importance of creating value beyond mere content consumption. By offering tangible products or expertise, creators can enhance their revenue potential and reduce dependence on external factors.

YouTube remains a dominant platform for creators, with a significant portion of creators reliant on its monetization features. However, the report underscores the challenge of standing out in a crowded digital landscape. Despite the platform’s reach, the majority of videos struggle to gain traction, highlighting the importance of audience engagement and niche specialization.

online creators

Ultimately, the creator economy demands more than just content creation; it requires strategic planning and entrepreneurial acumen. While the allure of turning hobbies into income is undeniable, success often hinges on factors beyond creative talent alone. Building a sustainable career as a creator necessitates perseverance, adaptability, and a willingness to explore diverse revenue streams.

While the creator economy promises opportunities for financial independence, realizing its potential requires a sober understanding of its complexities. Diversification, strategic positioning, and a long-term perspective are essential for navigating the challenges of monetizing content online. While the journey may be arduous, for those willing to invest the effort, the rewards can be substantial.

Read Kajabi’s full “State of the Creators ’24 Report” here.

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