Students are tired during class because of social media

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Recently, studies show that we have just reached an estimate of 2 billion social media users around the world; it means that the effect of social media on our society today has peaked and almost all people have been influenced by it. Most of the users as we all know are the younger generation, those who are still students now, And according to recent studies, students can be addicted to social media so easily, its mostly caused by the social media hassle free fresh source of news about other people and it is during those times that teens are very concerned and very sensitive about other teens, so warned that one in five students wakes up at night just to check on their social media accounts.

Social Media and the students

They have found out that teenagers ages 12 to 15 gets up at least once every week to check their social media accounts like Facebook and twitter. And it does have very bad effect on the education of the students.

Study says that parents never encourage teens from using social media sites during night times, especially not early in the morning. The research also says that having a regular time of wake and using social media during the night appear to be more important in determining whether a young person is always tired during the day than the time they go to bed, how long they spend in bed and having a regular bedtime.

More than half of those who reported waking up at night just to use social media also said they almost always go to school feeling tired.

Studies also have found that one out of five high school students wakes up during the night to check their social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

– 17% admitted they really stay up after midnight on school days.

– 22% says they woke up to use social media almost every night.

– Some 14% still said they check their phones for social media updates at least once a week

– And 8% said they go to bed even after 1am past midnight.


What to do?

These are very alarming facts, and these things should not be ignored nor something to be laughed about. Think of the negative effects it can give students, think of the health hazards and the toll it can take on these young bodies.

This looks really bad for the students, even officials are currently having a debate whether they must start school at a later time, so that students can regain their energy and they can combat sleep deprivation.

But what will the students gain then? They recover their little energy, and battle sleep deprivation, but they lose their discipline instead. It must be the students who must adjust and discipline themselves not the educational system. It’s the students who are learning and they are the ones that need to be disciplined, not the other way around The students must be then taught how to manage their time wisely, how to prioritize things and how to value the time they have given. What’s the use of schools then, If they do not teach the students even the most basic stuff?


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