Spotify Will Now Allow US-Based Podcasters to Sell Subscriptions

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Spotify launches its new monetization options for podcast creators. 

The Sweden-based streaming service, Spotify, is broadening its paid podcast subscriptions to all US creators. The premium option is available on 100 podcasts. 

Then, on September 15, subscriber-only content will be available to international listeners. Overseas creators need to wait a bit more to take advantage of the monetization tools. 

Subscription Starts at 49 Cents 

Creators can charge subscribers up to $150. But the price starts at $0.49. 

Furthermore, creators can utilize podcast subscriptions to download the email addresses of their subscribers. In that way, they can engage with them and provide additional benefits. 

Spotify understands that creators want to build relationships with their listeners and the streaming service wants to empower them. 

The streaming service is luring creators by offering them financial terms that are more profitable than what Apple is offering them. 

Podcast creators can keep 100% of their revenue until 2023. However, they need to pay payment processing fees. 

After 2023, Spotify will take a 5% fee on the revenue. 

Apple, on the other hand, will keep 30% of revenue for the first year. Then, it will lower it to 15% in the second year. 


Last April, Spotify started testing its podcast subscriptions through its podcast-creation platform, Anchor. Spotify acquired Anchor for just $340 million in 2019. 

During the testing period, Spotify activated over 100 podcasts on different genres and formats. 

For now, subscriber-only content is available to US listeners. But starting on September 15, international listeners can purchase subscription content. After that, the feature will be available to international creators. 

Spotify is way ahead of Apple. It is promising creators better business terms than Apple’s. 

If you’re an iOS user, you can’t purchase a Spotify podcast subscription through the App Store. It’s also the same with Google Play. 

Spotify chooses it this way to avoid the tax the Apple and Google impose on developers. In that case, you can only sign up for a podcast by visiting its website. 

Podcasters can mark their episodes as subscriber-only before publishing them to Spotify. Users can search and discover them like other free podcasts available. 

One of the first companies that launched podcast subscriptions is NPR. The subscription-only content is ad-free. Last May, the company has already released five shows. 

Spotify expects that most podcasters will use its subscription platform if they wish to offer bonus content. The company’s goal is to help creators in maximizing their subscription audience while growing their listener base. 

Unfortunately, it’s vague how much traction these subscriptions services will get. Although 80 million Americans are listening to a podcast, they consume free shows. In that case, the paywalled content may only entice those superfans. 

Spotify believes that creators should have more control over how they handle their business. 

The subscription-only podcast content is a win-win for all users. Publishers can reap fees without commission from their avid listeners. Then again, that benefit will only last until 2023 as the company starts taking a cut of 5% after that.

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