Spotify wants to integrate Greenroom into its main app

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Greenroom is Spotify’s social audio app that in case you did not know. The app has not really made it to limelight apparently because there are better alternatives. Clubhouse and Spaces for instance, are two good social audio app that are miles ahead of Greenhouse. Now, Spotify wants to change things a bit—the music streaming app is reportedly working on integrating Greenroom into its main platform.

The test was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong who as expected posted a screenshot on her Twitter page. Jane wrote on her Twitter page that you will be asked to “join on Spotify Greenroom.” Apparently, a button has been added that you can click.

Before now, Spotify has been making a lot of moves to encourage the use of its podcast app, Greenroom. In 2021, the company signed a partnership deal with the WWE worth around $200 million. The deal involved WWE and The Ringer, a company bought in 2020, include building a podcast network together.

The Ringer podcast The Masked Man Show has now been rebranded, and will now be called The Ringer Wrestling Show, Engadget reports. That is not all; more podcasts will be added in the duration of the deal, including a narrative series from WWE talent. Others include The New Day: Feel the Power and WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, are becoming Spotify exclusives too.

There will also be live audio discussions on Spotify Greenroom—a Spotify-owned audio chat app. The Greenroom will host live discussion right after every WWE pay-per-view event.

The 2021 version of Spotify Wrapped highlighted listening trends across both music and podcast. Spotify Wrapped featured Wrapped Blend that lets you compare Wrapped with the support of a friend, support for TikTok sharing, a new in-app Wrapped game, video messages from artists to fans, and more.

Spotify also brought its live audio chatroom app, Spotify Greenroom, into the Wrapped experience this year with live shows from select artists.

The 2021 version was a clear departure to the ones we have had in the past. Usually, Spotify Wrapped looks at top songs, artist, podcasts, and other listening trends in the outgoing year. Spotify presented some Wrapped’s data as cinematic snapshots. Users had access to “2021: The Movie.” This pairs your recognizable songs against key moments and scenes from a movie; including the opening credits, a fight scene, an intense montage, a face-off with a rival dance crew, and more.

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