Spotify Upcoming HiFi Plan Leaks – Apparently Called Supremium

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Spotify Supremium – HiFi Plan 

The upcoming plan is said to a be rebranded version of its HiFi. The new tier, dubbed Supremium, is said to cost $20 a month. If you subscribe to this plan, you can access higher-quality music. You can also use playlist-mixing tools and audiobooks. 

This news was initially shared by Chris Messina on Threads. The new plan will likely include “Your Sound Capsule, advanced playlist mixing tools, and AI playlist generation tools. listening stats, 20-30- hours of audiobook listening and 24-bit lossless audio.” 


As mentioned, subscribers can gain access to 30 hours of audiobooks per month. But last week, Spotify announced that it would offer more than 150,000 audiobooks as part of the subscriptions. 

“Today we’re starting an entirely new chapter for our audiobooks offering by making more than 150,000 audiobooks available as part of Spotify Premium subscriptions. To start, we’re offering each Premium individual, as well as plan managers for Family and Duo accounts, 15 hours of listening per month—giving them the ability to enjoy as many titles as they want within that monthly allocation.” Spotify

You can download audiobooks to your device so you can listen to them wherever you go even without an Internet connection. However, just like songs, the audiobooks won’t be yours forever. That is, when you cancel your subscription, you lose access to the audiobooks you have downloaded. 

Spotify HiFi

This tier was announced in 2021. It was first dubbed as Spotify HiFi. But it never came to fruition. The company planned to charge more so users could access HiFi audio. After the announcement, Amazon Music and Apple Music started offering the service at no additional charge. This could be the reason Spolify delayed its launch. 

For a very long time now, Spotify customers have been waiting for this new plan. You cannot blame the company for delaying the launch. It would be difficult to convince its customers to pay more just to hear higher-quality audio. 

Why You Might Want to Consider This Plan? 

The cost might be higher. But the plan lets you listen to high-quality music. It promises a CD-quality lossless audio format. Hi-Fi systems are designed to reproduce sound with exceptional clarity and accuracy. They can provide a much more immersive and enjoyable listening experience compared to standard audio equipment. 

If you are passionate about music and audio quality, you may consider investing in this plan to fully appreciate the nuances of your favorite music. Audiophiles are known for their pursuit of high-quality sound reproduction. 

Hi-Fi components can be a crucial part of a home theater setup providing a cinema-like experience with crystal-clear audio for movies, TV shows, and video games. 

You may be an Apple Music fan. After the release of its iOS 17, the app is getting more useful and beautiful. However, Spotify offers a nicer app. Spotify still rules when it comes to recommendations. It is still too early to say whether or not Supremium will entice more customers to pay for the higher price. But a great number of customers will surely do.

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