Spotify to launch Web-based Version

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Recent reports suggest that Spotify, a desktop music streaming application, has announced that it intends to launch a revamped web-based version of it. It is unclear whether the desktop version will remain. Said reports are also unclear on what exactly the new application will have over and above the current version, or what it will remove from it.


Spotify is set to launch its web-based application to attract more users.

The service currently allows users to stream music from a selected range of music distributors and record labels. The platform’s subscription has risen over the years and it has now amassed over 10 million users, and 4 million subscribers pay for this service. Customers can either access the service by streaming music for free with adverts in between, or pay for advert-free streaming. A monthly amount of £4.99 will guarantee you unlimited music streaming, while £9.99 will give you enhanced sound quality, ability to work on offline mode and access to exclusive content.

It is also unclear whether the browser-based version will be limited to US customers only. However, reports suggest that Spotify will lower subscription costs for mobile users in order to maximise subscription income from that growing market. Being only a year old in the US, after its 2009 launch in UK, this will definitely be a step in the right direction for the platform.

One of the highlights of Spotify’s existence was in May this year when they launched an iPad application that would allow paid users to access music from the platform’17-million song collection.

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