Spotify on Nest Hub Now Shows Real-Time Lyrics

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It is available on other devices for quite some time. 

Spotify Real-Time Lyrics on Nest Hub 

In November, Spotify announced that it would support real-time lyrics across its apps. Users have been demanding this feature for years. MusixMatch powered this feature and it works for every song. The feature became available on Android, iOS, televisions, the web, and consoles. 

For months, Spotify ignored the Nest Hub. But the app is changing it. It is now bringing the feature to Nest Hub and Google Assistant Smart Displays. 

Each time you play a song on this device, you can find a lyrics button on the app. It is sitting next to the bottom-right corner heart. 

Spotify has not yet announced it formally. But 9to5 Google and a great number of users spotted this feature on their Nest Hub devices. 

Unfortunately, it is not known yet when the company introduced it or where it is accessible. But when it first launched real-time lyrics, it was first available in select countries in South America, Central America, and Asia. The feature expanded globally in November so everyone could get to know the lyrics of any song. 


As mentioned, Musixmatch provided real-time lyrics. For its Behind the Lyrics feature, Spotify partnered with Genius. However, such a feature was terminated to introduce real-time lyrics. 

Real-time lyrics can be therapeutic to some people. You no longer have to guess or pretend to mouth along with the words to the song you are listening to. In some cases, you don’t know what the singer is saying. Although you can find the lyrics on Google, some people are just indolent to do it. 

With this feature, users can just sing along to any song or learn the lyrics of a brand new song. It can help users to get the song’s message. This is especially useful for people using music therapy to improve their mental health or overall quality of life. 

Music has plenty of benefits. It encourages a positive state of mind, but it depends on the music you are listening to. It is one reason you should consider the right song. Choose a song that can help you feel good about yourself. 

A Song that Resonates with You

Opting for a song that resonates with you will make you feel good. Listening to it feels like you know how the artist feels while writing the song. Lyrics can be relatable, which makes a song popular. When people listen to any song, they want to connect with the words. Most songs have themes that can strike different aspects of someone’s life. 

With the help of real-time lyrics, you can sing out loud. It can help you feel happier. It may also assist you in strengthening your bonds with others. As you belt out the words to a certain song, your oxytocin and endorphins will increase. 

So, if you have Nest Hub, you can try this feature out. If it is not yet available to you, keep an eye out for it.

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