Spotify Offline Playback on Wear OS is Coming to Some Users

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The feature lets you listen to music from your watch even without an internet connection. 

Offline Playback on Wear OS

Spotify has confirmed that its offline playback on Wear OS will start to roll now. Some users reported that they could now use the feature. 

If you have been waiting for this support for offline playback, you should consider checking it out. That is if the update is available on your end. 

Spotify users can start playing their favorite playlists from their smartwatches. By having the app on your wrist, you can listen to your favorite album, podcast, or playlist while you do your daily activities. 

However, the ability to download albums, podcasts, and playlists is only available to Premium users. That is, you need to pay to listen offline. If you’re using it for free, you can still stream your tunes in Shuffle Mode using WiFi. But you can only download your favorite podcasts to your watch. 

You also have to update your smartwatch to Wear OS 2.0. 

On August 11, Spotify revealed that it’s going to release an offline playback feature over the coming weeks. 

In May, Spotify added the ability to download albums, podcasts, and playlists on Apple Watch for offline playing. 

Users could stream audio in 96kbps. They can add and delete content on their phones. They can also sync with the Watch. 

Spotify added the ability to stream music through an Apple Watch last year. At that time, users could use their Apple Watch as a remote to play music on an iPhone. 

The offline feature on Apple Watch is only available on Apple Watch Series 3 or later. However, a Premium subscription is needed to enjoy this feature. 

But it’s only $9.99 a month for a single account. Or you can also opt for a student account that costs $4.99 a month. 

But Spotify isn’t the first to offer this feature, though. Deezer has beaten Spotify. It has added the ability to download music from the Apple Watch app earlier than Spotify did. 

Before the launch of Galaxy Watch 4, Spotify announced that it was going to release an updated Wear OS app that would enable users to download content so they could listen to it offline. 

A Highly Requested Feature 

Offline listening to Spotify is a highly requested feature for many users of Wear OS. Pandora and other music players have been offering this feature way before Spotify did. 

This feature is useful because users can listen to tunes without an active Internet connection. When you have Galaxy Watch 4 with 16GB storage, there’s plenty of space to save your favorite tunes. 

YouTube Music app will also launch with the Galaxy Watch 4. And just like Spotify, it will also allow users to download content to Wear OS. 

The update is not only limited to Wear OS 3 devices. It means that Fossil, Suunto, Mobvoi, and other devices can see this new update over the coming weeks. However, the smartwatch must run at least Wear OS 2.0.

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