Spotify now allows you to parse your liked songs by genre and mood

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Spotify has been very busy lately—the company has been adding a series of features that may help it consolidate its position in the market. The company has launched an easy way to parse your liked songs; and the feature is available to both free and premium users. The feature works by allowing you to filter your liked songs by genre and mood.

According to Spotify, this is to enable you to enjoy more of what you like without missing out on the vibe. With the new feature, you will be able to decide what mood you are in and then listen.

In order to be able to use the filter, you will need to have a minimum of 30 liked songs. Once you have that number, simply go to your library, tap the liked songs, and select a filter listed across the top. You will also be able to replace the filter with another one whenever you chose to. Ability to parse your liked songs is currently only available to English-speaking markets, including Canada, the UK, and the US.

“From genres like dancehall, J-pop, and bluegrass to moods like pump up, moody, and soulful, your favorite songs will now be the best representation of you in any given moment,” Spotify said in a blog post.

A couple of days ago, Spotify announced its entry into over 80 countries including Nigeria and a host of countries spread across the Caribbean, the Pacific, Asia and Africa . These were markets the streaming giant had never ventured into before, and represent a significant drive into expanding its market base.

The announcement was made via a livestreaming event that featured Justin Bieber, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“Together these markets represent more than a billion people, with nearly half of them already using the internet,” said Spotify spokesman Alex Norstrom.

“Some of the places we’re going like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria have the fastest growing internet populations in the world,” he added per the BBC.

Spotify will hope its decision to enter into those new markets will bring it as much success as when it entered into the Indian and Russian markets where it gained millions of users.

With over 345 million monthly active users in 93 countries and not counting the new markets, Spotify will hope it stands a better chance to compete favorably with Apple and the likes. 

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