Spotify launches new feature called “Supergrouper”

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Spotify has launched a new in-app feature called “Supergrouper” The feature lets you create a supergroup that is made of up to five artists. After creating and naming your group, Spotify will curate a playlist of songs from artists that you have selected. You will get a custom card from Spotify which allows you to share your supergroup on social media.

Supergrouper is a fun way to get a personalized playlist of all your favorite artists while also sharing your idea of a supergroup with friends and with others on social media.

You can access the new feature by visiting on your phone’s browser. Once you have logged in with your Spotify account, you can start selecting the artists of your choice that will be included in your band. You can choose to let Spotify choose or select random artists for you based on your listening habits. Once a personalized playlist has been created for you featuring music from artists added in your supergroup, you will also get a custom card that can be shared with others.

Look at your playlists and liked songs on Spotify; you’ll probably notice that the artists you listen to don’t fit into one genre or era,” Spotify said in a blog post. “Maybe they come from different parts of the world, maybe some have passed on, or maybe they just haven’t had a reason to come together—yet. Supergrouper gives you the power to bring together your dream band of artists and share your creative combinations with friends and fellow fans.”

The Supergrouper feature is rolling out to countries like the US, UK, Australia, the Philippines, and New Zealand. Spotify did not state in the blog post if the feature will be rolling out to other countries in the future.

A couple of weeks ago, Spotify announced that it is acquiring London-based AI company Sonantic. This would open the door to more features; giving Spotify users access to audio technology powered by artificial intelligence.

Sonantic is a startup company that has “built an AI engine to create very realistic-sounding, yet simulated, human voices for text.” Sonantic is a London-based company that was founded in 2018 to build AI-based realistic voice services for gaming and entertainments.

Financial terms have not been disclosed, but it is safe to say that Sonantic will now form a part of Spotify. Spotify continues to venture into new areas, new technology, and adding new features to maintain its leading position in the music world.

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