Spotify In-App Lyrics — Will It Be a Premium-Only Feature?

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Spotify In-App Lyrics 


The in-app lyrics tool is one of the features of Spotify. This is especially useful if you wish to sing along to your favorite song. You can view the lyrics on the app for almost all songs. 

It is available on the desktop app and TV app as well, not just on the mobile app. 

This feature used to be available on free and premium accounts. 

But this might change in the future. 

Some users started to notice that the in-app lyrics feature is locked away under a paywall. Typically, it pops up while a song is playing. 

Now, they see a notification bubble stating to sign up for a Premium account to enjoy lyrics. The message has a link where you can sign up. 

Testing the Feature 

However, Spotify tells the Verge that it is only testing it as a premium-only feature. The company routinely conducts a series of tests. Some of these tests will end up being implemented while others will provide a learning experience for the team. 

Currently, the company is testing it with a limited number of users in a certain market. 

Indeed, Spotify may take this feature away from free accounts and Premium users will be the ones to enjoy it. This is a great indication that the company is seeking for more ways to get users to pay up. 

Even though it poured billions of dollars into its podcasts and audiobooks, Spotify has not reaped the rewards yet. 

Instead of focusing on exclusive content, it is looking for ways to build features that users might want to pay for. This is vital as the price of Premium is rising, just like other music streaming services. 

The company told its investors that its monthly users of ad-supported tier rocketed up over the last year. Its paying monthly listeners grew during that period. 

Even though it is considered growth, it is not profitable for the company. Its chief competitor (Apple), on the other hand, is still the most valued company not just in the US but around the world. 

Spotify is indeed more popular than Apple Music. But it is having a hard time convincing its free users to pay up to use some of its features. 

Spotify continues to invest in ad-related products. It even adds some freebies. But it still must increase its revenue. 

Are Spotify Users Willing to Pay to See the Lyrics?

It is important to note that it is easy to find the lyrics of the song. You can just Google it. Hence, the willingness of Spotify users to pay for in-app lyrics will vary greatly. 

If you are a lyric enthusiast, you might be willing to pay for this feature just to enjoy singing along or analyzing the words. Having easy access to lyrics might be a valuable feature for you. 

However, if you are just a casual listener, you might not want to pay for a premium subscription just to use this feature. 

The availability of in-apply lyrics may encourage some of its users to upgrade to premium plans. However, it may not be the sole factor influencing their decisions.

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