Spotify HiFi Streaming Tier for Lossless Audio

Spotify used to have sound quality issues. But it may change after the company’s recent announcement. 

Tidal and Amazon Music have already offered High Fidelity (HiFi) sound. And it’s time for Spotify to follow suit. After all, it’s the leading subscription music service. 

With the recent announcement, Spotify said that it’s going to add a lossless streaming tier allowing its Premium subscribers to maximize their subscription. 

Spotify HiFi Availability 

The announcement was made during the Stream On virtual event. But the availability of this service will be later this year. 

The audio quality will be superb as it’ll be delivered in CD-quality and lossless audio format. Spotify said that you will experience “more depth and clarity” as you listen to your favorite music. 

But what is lossless audio really? 

Every time you listen to an MP3 song, some parts of the data need to be eliminated to compress the song so it’ll be in reasonable file size. 

A compressed song lacks all the texture it should have. 

But with lossless audio quality, you can hear the song clearer almost similar to the sound in the recording studio. 

In that case, Spotify HiFi will have higher-quality audio. 

Unfortunately, it comes with an additional fee. And free subscribers can’t avail of it. 

Other music streaming services have been offering this high-quality audio for quite some time now. Tidal subscribers are paying for HiFi quality around $19.99 while Amazon charges its subscribers for such streaming service for $12.99. 

Will You Need HiFi? 

If you’re an average listener, you may not hear the differences between ordinary audio and lossless audio. But if you’re an audiophile, you’ll see its value. 

The difference is meaningful. 

But with companies investing in sophisticated audio technology, average listeners will soon care about the quality. 

They’ll finally understand that recording quality does make a difference in how they listen. It’ll be an awesome experience if they get to listen to a higher fidelity streaming. 

However, you still need high-speed Internet access to enjoy lossless audio quality. But it’s not a problem when you live in a metropolitan area. 

Unfortunately, if your ISP isn’t up to par, then you may not maximize the benefits of HiFi. 

Many artists have fought against the use of compressed MP3 music streaming. They said that such quality poisons our brains. 

That’s why when Amazon offered high-quality streaming, everything changed. Artists considered the change as the biggest thing to happen since digital audio was introduced 40 years ago. 

If you have a HiFi system at home, then you’ll appreciate lossless streaming. The lossless audio quality will be a great addition to your current system. 

New Content on Spotify 

In addition to HiFi music streaming, Spotify also announced that it’s going to add new exclusive content soon. 

If you’re a fan of Batman, you will appreciate Batman Unburied. If you’re a DC fan, the podcast of David S. Goyer will amaze you. 

Furthermore, Spotify will give artists access to its Canvas. It’s a tool that lets them add a looping visual to their tracks. This will make the platform more immersive.

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