Spotify Considered Removing White Noise Podcasts — To Save Money?

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Spotify White Noise Podcasts

spotify white noise podcasts

If you are a white noise podcaster on Spotify, then it is safe to say that you are making serious money. And the audio streaming service is not happy about it. Thus, it is trying to cut you off. 

Bloomberg reported:

“White noise and ambient podcasts accounted for 3 million daily consumption hours on the platform, inadvertently boosted by Spotify’s own algorithmic push for “talk” content (versus music).”

Podcasters who focus on white noise earn as much as $18,000 a month. 

White noise is commonly used in acoustics and signal processing to describe a type of sound that is characterized by a constant and consistent frequency spectrum. It is called such because it contains all audible frequencies in equal amounts. It is similar to how white light contains all visible colors. 

Spotify users listen to white-noise podcasts for a variety of reasons. But most of them tune in to use it as a sleep aid. Its consistent and non-intrusive sound can help make other noises that might disrupt sleep, such as traffic or noisy neighbors. Many people find it soothing and conducive to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. 

Some users also turn to white noise to help them concentrate on tasks or studies. It can create a consistent audio environment that drowns out distractions and helps improve focus and productivity. 

Furthermore, white-noise podcasts promote relaxation. White noise, per se, is known for its calming effect on many individuals. It can be used for relaxation, stress reduction, or simply to create a tranquil ambiance in the background. 

People with tinnitus, a condition characterized by a persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears, often find relief by listening to white noise. The external noise can help mask the internal sounds of tinnitus, making it less noticeable. 

A Huge Hit

White noise podcasts are a huge hit with listeners. Unfortunately, Spotify does not make as much money as its other types of programming. As a result, it is planning to remove and prevent future uploads in this category. 

It is also modifying its algorithm to recommend programming that is more economical for the platform. Doing so will increase the streaming service’s yearly gross profit. 

A couple of months ago, a thread on Reddit shows various users complaining that their favorite white noise podcasts disappeared. Creators also said that their content vanished for a few weeks before the company reinstated it. 

Spotify is making money recently by increasing its prices. In July this year, it confirmed that it would raise prices across the board. From $9.99, standalone premium users must pay $10.99 a month. Premium Duo subscribers will also pay extra as the pricing for this tier increased from $12.99 to $14.99. The student plan also increased from $1 to $5.99 a month. 

The price increase is said to be necessary to allow the platform to keep innovating while it delivers value to artists and fans on its platform. 

The increase allowed the company to be more in line with its competitors, like Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, etc. All of its rivals have also increased their prices.

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