Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek wants to buy Arsenal

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Swedish billionaire and Spotify co-founder Daniel Ek has publicly signified interest in buying one of Europe’s most prestigious soccer teams Arsenal. The Spotify co-founder expressed his interest via Twitter on Friday following pressure by supporters of the club to force the hands of current owner Stan Kroenke to sell off his shares.

Kroenke has come under severe criticism for not investing in the club and forcing other smaller shareholders to sell off their shares in Arsenal. Though Kroenke, an American has insisted that his investment in the top-flight English club is for the long haul, supporters believe constant pressure could force his hands.

The last few days have not been particularly pleasant in terms of how the public perceives Arsenal following the club’s announcement of its membership of the ill-fated European Super League. Arsenal denounced its membership during the course of the week, offering an unreserved apology in the process. The fans though, would have none of that, and consequently called for a protest which was held Friday evening before the Everton match.

The protest from pictures posted online was a successful one—at least it attracted Daniel Ek who has now signified interest in buying the club. While this may sound like good music in the ears of all Arsenal fans, it remains to be seen if Kroenke will agree to sell.

Arsenal is owned by American billionaire Stan Kroenke. The club, however, is controlled by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment based out of Denver in the US. Kroenke’s son Josh, is however, responsible for taking key financial decisions having been given an active role to play by his father.

According to Forbes, Kroenke is worth around $8.2 billion, which makes him one of the richest individuals among club owners in England. KSE currently holds a controlling stake in the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, NHL team Colorado Avalanche, MLS side Colorado Rapids and lacross team Colorado Mammoth.

Arsenal’s worth

So, if Ek were to buy Arsenal today how much would the Swede be paying to Kroenke or KSE? According to Forbes, Arsenal is worth around $4.7 billion. That figure was from a publication released in 2019. By and large, the Swede would need to pay around that figure to tempt the American to sell. It may not actually be as easy as ABC, but an offer tempting enough could encourage the “unwilling” seller—Kroenke in this case to sell Arsenal FC.

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