Spotify acquires voice AI company Sonantic

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Spotify has announced that it is acquiring London-based AI company Sonantic. This would open the door to more features; giving Spotify users access to audio technology powered by artificial intelligence.

Sonantic, according to TechCrunch, is a startup company that has “built an AI engine to create very realistic-sounding, yet simulated, human voices for text.” Sonantic is a London-based company that was founded in 2018 to build AI-based realistic voice services for gaming and entertainments.

Financial terms have not been disclosed, but it is safe to say that Sonantic will now form a part of Spotify. Spotify continues to venture into new areas, new technology, and adding new features to maintain its leading position in the music world.

We’ve been aware of Sonantic’s technology for a while,” a spokesperson said in answer to the question per TechCrunch. He also said that the whole of the Sonantic team will sit inside of the “Consumer and Platform BU in the Personalization Mission” led by Ziad Sultan, who is VP of personalization at Spotify.

We’re really excited about the potential to bring Sonantic’s AI voice technology onto the Spotify platform and create new experiences for our users,” Sultan said in a statement. “This integration will enable us to engage users in a new and even more personalized way.”

At this point, it is safe to say Spotify will continue to build on Sonantic’s existing relationships in the areas of gaming, and entertainment studios. This will be an entirely new area for Spotify to explore.

We’re looking forward to joining Spotify and continuing to build exciting voice experiences,” say Sonantic co-founders Zeena Qureshi and John Flynn in a joint statement per TechCrunch. “We believe in the power voice has and its ability to foster a deeper connection with listeners around the world, and we know we can be better than ever on the world’s largest audio platform.”

Spotify has been making a lot of moves to encourage the use of its podcast app, Greenroom. In 2021, the company signed a partnership deal with the WWE worth around $200 million. The deal involved WWE and The Ringer, a company bought in 2020, include building a podcast network together.

The Ringer podcast The Masked Man Show has now been rebranded, and will now be called The Ringer Wrestling Show. That is not all; more podcasts will be added in the duration of the deal, including a narrative series from WWE talent. Others include The New Day: Feel the Power and WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, are becoming Spotify exclusives too.

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