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Social media help businesses look for great employees. Small business owners know the difficulties associated with the job hiring process, but most of them have yet to tap social media to find and hire the ideal candidates.

According to a post by Gaby Mergenthal, EVP of Innovative Employee Solutions, 89 percent of young adults aged between 16 and 29 use social media at least once a week. Among the listed benefits of using social networking sites as sourcing tools are cost effectiveness, filling out specific job positions and targeting the younger generation.

Recruitment through social media requires familiarity with common social network platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Job seekers must grasp the importance of an active profile on social networking sites, and be wary how it can affect careers.

sourcing through social media

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Forbes’ Susan Adams wrote in August of last year how posts on company Facebook pages and tweets on Twitter over potential job openings can effectively start the search for a new employee. She cited a survey by Jobvite where two thirds of employers said they had successfully filled a job using social networking.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that small businesses invest in recruitment apps for their company Facebook pages and take advantage of current employees’ contacts on the platform. This way employees help save time and effort to filter candidates. The report listed five key items for employers: use professional-networking apps built for Facebook, ask employees to contact Facebook friends who they think are great candidates, no spamming policy, use offline rules of behavior on Facebook, and allow employees to use Facebook at work.

A recent article from Mashable urges business owners to use existing technology for filtering candidates. Kes Thygesen, Co-Founder and Head of Product at RolePoint, wrote that sourcing through social networks allows companies to reach thousands of potential candidates, which probably outperforms scouring a list of friends and contacts.

Constant Contact’s Ryan Pinkham said small businesses must invest time in creating the company’s LinkedIn business page and use close contacts to connect with shortlisted people qualified for the job.

eWEEK’s Nathan Eddy suggested that  social media has forever changed the way employers and employees find each other. For small business owners, it’s imperative to use effectively existing tools to hire an ideal candidate.

Social media has allowed people to search perfectly catered matches that create parameters for small business owners to narrow down the search for potential candidates and draw closer to the best employee for the job.

sourcing through social media

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  1. I shall agree with you, that social media has been the basic means of sourcing or finding recruitment company for a certain job these days. Maybe because that there are a lot of companies too who rely in filtering and selecting applicants even through internet. Just like finding a suited job. Apparently, Social media helps both business owner and people searching their work easier and even faster.

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