Sony Officially Ends PS5 Shortage

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Sony Claims PS5 Shortage is Over


If you’re still unable to buy a PS5 in stores, this will change. During the CES Presentation last night, Sony’s President Jim Ryan confirmed that it would be a lot easier to find PS5 at retailers globally starting this year. 

The shortage is indeed over. The status of PS5 availability last year was more available than they were during the launch. 

Last year, Sony stated that it had resolved its supply problems in Asian territories. Thus, this January, it claimed to have overcome supply issues worldwide. 

PS5 Launch

Released in November 2020, PS5 launched in two versions: a standard and a digital edition. The former includes a disc drive, while the latter is purely digital without a disc drive. 

As mentioned, when it was first released, people could hardly find it. One reason is that there was high demand for the console. The retailers couldn’t keep up with the demand. 

Then, there were supply chain disruptions because of the pandemic, which made it harder for Sony to obtain the materials and components needed to produce the consoles. 

Additionally, some analysts have speculated that scalpers and resellers may have bought up a large number of the consoles, leading to a shortage for regular consumers. 

When you go to eBay, you’ll find PS5 consoles at steep prices. They are closer to the shelf price of $499. 

If the shortage is indeed over, the console will be more widely available and you can buy it at its typical asking price. 

Even though there are supply issues, the console managed to sell well. Sony stated at its CES conference that it has surpassed 30 million units since introduced in 2020. 

You can play a variety of games on this console, including first-party exclusives, third-party titles, and games that were originally released on previous console generations. 

Some of the games that are available on the PS5 include “Demon’s Souls,” “Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,” “Resident Evil Village,” “Destiny 2,” and “Ghost of Tsushima,” among others. 

The are many more to choose from, across a variety of genres, including action, adventure, role-playing, sports, and more. 

It’s difficult to know which game is the most popular on the PS5, as it depends on what you mean by popular. Sony has not publicly released what game has sold the most copies on this console. 

Some of the most highly rated and critically acclaimed games on the PS5 include “Demon’s Souls,” “Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,” and “Resident Evil Village.” These games have received praise for their graphics, gameplay, and storytelling, and have been popular among both critics and players.

Even though PS5 sales figures were up, what matters most now is the number of subscribers to Sony’s Playstation Plus. According to the company, it lost nearly 2 million paying members in November. 

It happened after Sonny included tiers to the service. The most basic level offers online gaming with features like cloud saves. Plus, it has a handful of free games per month. Despite that, its revenue increased by 10% because most users signed up for higher tiers.

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