Some Pokemon Content Creators are Mysteriously Banned on Instagram

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Pokemon Content Creators on Instagram 

Pokemon content creators are prominent on Instagram and other social media platforms. These creators produce a range of content related to the Pokémon franchise, such as gameplay, videos, tutorials, analysis, fan theories, discussions, and more. 

Recently, some creators are banned on IG for no reason. 

On Reddit, someone mentioned that adding the term Poke in a username could be enough for IG to ban you. Unfortunately, the platform did not provide any explanation as to the reason for the ban. 

However, creators are getting their accounts back quickly. But why is it happening? 

The issue was brought up by PokeRev. He posted it on YouTube when IG suspended his account. He said that other users also complained that their accounts were deleted with no warning. 

They did receive an email from IG telling them that their content is against Community Guidelines. They have until next year to respond to the matter before their account will be deleted permanently. 

After the appeal, they were granted access back to the said platform. 

Some creators are changing their IG usernames to avoid the same fate. But PokeReve warned them that changing their handle could only cause impersonators to use their original usernames. 

Instagram Community Guidelines 

The platform has guidelines and terms of use that users are expected to follow. Failure to comply with these guidelines can lead to various restrictions or bans. 

Nudity, hate speech, harassment, violence, and illegal activities are prohibited. If you post content that violates these guidelines, IG will take action. It may remove your content, issue a warning, or permanently disable your account. 

Creating or using fake accounts, engaging in spammy behavior, or participating in automated activities to artificially increase engagement can also lead to account suspension or permanent banning. 

If you repeatedly violate copyright laws by using other people’s copyrighted content without permission, the platform will take action. The infringing content will be removed or it will disable your account. 

Pretending to be someone else or creating an account with the intent to deceive or impersonate can result in the account being disabled or restricted. 

It is also against Instagram’s terms of use to engage in buying or selling Instagram accounts. If you participate in it, it can lead to account suspension. 

If your account is reported by multiple users for violating guidelines or engaging in inappropriate behavior, the platform will investigate and take appropriate action. 

The use of bots is also banned. The reason for this is that bots can artificially boost follower counts, likes, or engagement. If you use them, your account is likely to be suspended. 

There are no definitive answers as to the reason these Pokemon content creators are banned temporarily. 

Avoiding an IG ban is vital. These content creators have a significant number of followers. It is a frustrating situation for them after building a substantial following. 

A ban may also harm their reputation. It may be seen as a consequence of engaging in inappropriate or unethical behavior on the platform. It can affect their credibility and relationships with other users or potential clients.

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