Social Networks for Creative Marketing with a Limited Budget

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Internet Marketing is a worldwide phenomenon, and this time the social network site Facebook is leading in pulling in the lion’s share of advertisers. Internet reporting firm ComScore provided us this week with an update stating that Facebook is now controlling a 23% share of the entire online ad display population. Yahoo controls only half of that amount.

However, social network sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, are not only a destination for display ad impressions, but a melting pot of interactive, engaged, and connected users. Le Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM) effectively snagged these types of users in the launch of their inexpensive and interactive marketing campaign. The bees awards, the first international social media marketing awards program which was held on November 9, 2010, honors TNM for their creative use of Twitter.

The theater from Montreal, Canada needed younger audiences, but they were struggling with their virtually nonexistent budget in promoting their upcoming production of a classic Molière comedy. Leyl Master Black, author of “4 Creative Social Marketing Campaigns from Around the World, “ elaborates on their award-nominating campaign:

17th-century characters from the play communicate via Twitter. Twitter profiles were created for the play’s three main characters; writers were given a mandate to script dialogs and engage in character, as well  as to develop a following among influencers using old language and anachronistic conversations.

A thousand tweets in Shakespeare’s Elizabethan English were sent out by Molière’s characters, and more than 1,000 followers were garnered. How did their play turn out: Sold-out crowds and four additional shows.

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