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Everyday millions of people share billions of posts about companies, products and services in social networks. Such social recommendations trend can’t be missed in the marketing strategy of the modern customer-oriented company. Small business owners still hesitate whether to incorporate automatic social monitoring services into their tools list because of the high pricing.

Well, with the recent Social Searcher update you can monitor all web mentions plus 10 popular networks for the price of a coffee cup:

– Facebook (exact Facebook page feed)

– Twitter

– Google+

– Youtube

– Instagram

– Tumblr

– Reddit

– Flickr

– Dailymotion

– Vimeo

Take care of your reputation

It’s pretty common situation when customers prefer to express themselves in the social networks in case of negative experience rather than to inform companies directly. Don’t wait for your sales to drop because of the negative viral feedback about your brand, product or service. Fast and appropriate reaction will definitely reduce the overall effect.

Control your social media reputation and set up email alerts for the immediate notifications.


Get to know your audience

Create perfect content for your community by analyzing target audience viral triggers: posts types, weekdays and times for publishing as well as the most actively shared posts examples and social platforms.


Discover key influencers

Who is the boss in your niche? A list of the most popular users or web sites can be a good starting point for the next outreach campaign. Also it may be a good idea to monitor their activity for some time in order to get the long term analytics, which can bring up fresh ideas into your content marketing strategy.


Grow your potential customers base

Users that are posting on the topics relative to your business area are much more likely will be interested in your products and services. Start collecting history of the relative posts and their authors by carefully selecting the right keywords and hashtags.

Competitors Monitoring

“If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles…” – Sun Tzu. Competitors monitoring through social media can generate leads, uncover competitors’ weak sides and provide unique possibility to turn their fails into your wins.

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