Social Media to be used by Nissan in Car Show

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In their upcoming Geneva Motor Show to be held next month, Nissan is planning to use Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, and other social media platforms so that everyone would have an engaging and interactive experience.

Social Media Strategies

In the car show, Nissan intends to make use of 14 different activation points through which social media will be utilized in communicating with the audience.  Guests and prospective customers are definitely in for an interactive and uniquely engaging treat.  In addition, an interactive photograph booth will be set up to take pictures of the visitors in different settings: as a Nissan race car driver or as a cover for a magazine, alongside the Nissan Leaf.  What’s more, the resulting pictures would be easily shared through the various social media platforms.

Nissan will use technology that caters the use of social media during the Geneva motor show. (Image: via

Nissan will use technology that caters the use of social media during the Geneva motor show. (Image: via

Tech Innovation a Priority

According to David Parkinson, who happens to be Nissan’s general manager for social and digital engagement in Europe, technology innovation is a big priority for the company.  Aside from playing a major role in product development, he shares that tech innovation is part of basically everything they do – the Geneva Motor Show, for example.  He describes the upcoming event as their “most socially enabled stand” so far, and hopes that a wide range of audiences would take part.  As a matter of fact, Parkinson notes that through following their social media platforms, customers and fans of Nissan all over the globe can participate even if they cannot be physically present in the show.

Notably, aside from the live updates that will be shared through Twitter and Facebook during the event, crowd-sourced videos are also set to be shared through Vylcone at an almost “real-time” basis.

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