Social Media Stickers to Help Fight against Cyberbullying

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In the age of the Internet, bullying has taken on a new shape: cyberbullying, or the act of intimidating or terrorizing someone online. Surprisingly, about 85% of teenagers have said that they have experienced being bullied online at least once.

The “Take No Bullies” Campaign
In order to address the increasing incidence of cyberbullying, has launched the “Take No Bullies” campaign. By creating social media “stickers,” the project seeks to put a stop to cyberbullies on social media networks. According to Michael Miles, MySecuritySign’s Social Media Manager, the stickers would help promote “responsible digital citizenship” among students in schools and libraries. Miles is also the designer of the anti-bullying stickers. launches the "Take No Bullies" campaign. (Image: tct10e (CC) via Flickr) launches the “Take No Bullies” campaign. (Image: tct10e (CC) via Flickr)

Social Media Messages on Bullying
Miles explains that since teenagers today use different social media channels, MySecuritySign has come up with a variety of stickers that carry messages specifically about bullying. Some of these messages are:

• Is your status more important than their feelings? (Facebook)
• Instarespect (Instagram)
• Bully-free board (Pinterest)
• Respect. Reblog it. (Tumblr)
• Tweet others as you want to be tweeted. (Twitter)

Furthermore, the campaign is also being spread online through the hashtag #TakeNoBullies. Stickers may be purchased through Those interested may also read more about the campaign via

More about MySecuritySign
Notably, MySecuritySign is part of SmartSign, an e-commerce company that creates and distributes a variety of labels, mats, signs, and tags. It has provided more than 5,000 different security signs that help protect various homes and properties around the country. The uses of these signs range from no trespassing signs, video surveillance, and other kinds of security.

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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