Social Media Privacy Infographic

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With advancements in technology, more information is becoming readily available to the public.

Social media allows users to share more and more personal information.

Even if you think you know what your child is posting on social media, there’s a good chance they may be altering their privacy settings to hide information.

But, very few children realize that not everything is hidden and the information they make available can leave them vulnerable to online predators.

Consider this:

82% of cyber stalkers use social media to find out information about potential victims – where they live and school they attend.

Today, more and more teens are sharing personal information with complete strangers, and hiding it from close family members.

To help explore this topic further, the team at [Rawhide Boys Ranch] ( has put together an infographic showing the common ways teens are hiding their online behavior, the information they are sharing and the ways they are leaving themselves exposed to online predators.

You can find more information [here] (


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Author: Firdaus

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