Social Media Posts That You Should Consider to Capture Your Followers’ Attention

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Social Media Posts That You Should Consider to Capture Your Followers’ Attention

Keeping your followers’ attention can be quite difficult. Often, you’ll see brands posting the same types of content causing a drop in engagement. What they don’t realize is that their fans need a variety of social media posts.

If you have the habit of posting the same type of content, you’ll risk losing your followers’ attention. To give your fans a variety, here are some social media posts you should consider in your daily content calendar.

Make a comment on trending topics

Occasionally, you may consider covering trending topics as soon as they arise. But ensure that the issues are related to your brand to make the most significant impact.

For example, if your brand’s target audience is women’s fitness, then consider creating content around “Breast Cancer Awareness,” “Women Equality Issues,” and so on and so forth.

When you cover trending topics, make sure that you attach relevant hashtags. In that way, other social media users can discover your content.

According to a study, the use of related hashtags increased engagement by 21 percent.

Ask your followers a question

Social Media Posts That You Should Consider to Capture Your Followers’ Attention

By asking them a question, you’re empowering these people to share their opinion with others. Compared to a standard social media post, a question post gets more comments, according to Kissmetrics.

However, a question post tends to accumulate fewer shares and likes. If the type of engagement that you seek is likes or shares, then it might not be the best option for you.

Request a user-generated content

Most consumers trust a user-generated content or peer reviews than a company-produced post. That said, if one of your fans or customers published a content featuring your products, you should share it with your followers.

Try to feature user reviews on your social media accounts frequently.

Add videos

Videos will give your fans an inside look at your company’s culture. They connect your brand and your followers on a personal level.

It’s also important to remember that those consumers who view videos are likely to make a purchase. Furthermore, mobile video users are highly likely to share the videos they like with others.

Make fill-in-the-blank responses

They don’t only boost engagements, but they can also gather feedback from your audience. You could use the information for your future social media campaigns. Or you could use the feedback to improve your services and delight your customers.

Use photos as content

Photos get more than 50 percent likes and 104 percent comments than text-based social media posts. Unlike text-based posts, photos allow you to tell a story and promote events. However, you need to make sure that you’re sharing the right photos in right places to get quality backlinks.

Provide tips

Your followers are always looking for ways to help them with their daily problems. By providing them with valuable content will keep them engaged. It also encourages sharing. Tips and pieces of advice type of content will help you repurpose or promote your past content.


These types of social media posts will always capture your audience’s attention, thereby, improving engagements on your social media accounts.

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