Social Media Post Ideas That Can Skyrocket Engagement in 2023 (and Beyond)

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Is your engagement on social media pales in comparison to your competitors? Then this post is for you. The ideas listed below will help boost your social media post engagement

Keep in mind that engagement post encourages audiences to interact with them on social media. Engagement is a way to measure your success on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

Ideas for Better Social Media Post Engagement 

Interactive Polls and Surveys

They are a fantastic way to involve your audience in decision-making or gather valuable insights. They encourage participation and provide a sense of ownership, making your followers feel more connected to your brand. 

Whether it is asking about their preferences, opinions, or predictions, polls and surveys are a powerful tool for boosting engagement. 

User-Generated Content Contests 

Harness the creativity of your followers by organizing user-generated content contests. Encourage them to share photos, videos, or stories related to your brand, products, or services. 

Other enticing prizes for the best entries and watch as your community’s enthusiasm and engagement soar. 

Behind-the-Scene Sneak Pees

People love to get a glimpse behind the curtain. Share BTS content to humanize your brand and give your followers an expulsive look at your processes, team, and culture. It builds trust and authenticity, driving more meaningful interactions. 

Trend-Related Content 

Stay relevant by creating content around trending topics, events, or challenges. These trends can be related to your industry, pop culture, or viral challenges. Using #trendinghashtags or participating in challenges can increase your content’s visibility and engagement. 

Storytelling and Personal Narratives

Embrace the power of storytelling. Share personal anecdotes, customer success stories, and short talks of challenges and triumphs. These narratives connect on an emotional level, creating a deeper bond with your audience and sparking conversations 

Educational and How-to Content 

Offer value to your followers by creating educational content, such as tutorials, guides, or informative videos. Providing solutions to common problems or teaching new skills positions you as an authority in your niche, driving engagement through questions, comments, and shares. 

Live Streaming Events

Live streaming continues to be a potent engagement tool. Host Q&A sessions, live product launches, or behind-the-scenes tours in real time. Live video creates an immediate connection with your audience, encouraging live comments, likes, and shares. 

Visual Storytelling with Infographics and Data 

Infographics and data visualizations make complex information easy to understand and share. Create visually appealing graphics that convey interesting statistics or industry insights. You may use Canva to easily create them. Encourage your followers to share these informative posts, sparking discussions around the data. 

Interactive Stories and Polls

Social media stories remain a dynamic way to engage your audience. Use interactive elements like polls, questions, and quizzes in your stories to encourage participation. These features create a sense of anticipation and immediate feedback from your followers. 

Collaborations and Takeovers

Partner with influencers and other brands in your industry for collaborations or takeovers. This cross-promotion exposes your content to a wider audience. 

Social media post engagement remains vital in 2023 and beyond. Which of these ideas are you going to try next year? Tell us in the comments below.  

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Author: Jane Danes

Jane has a lifelong passion for writing. As a blogger, she loves writing breaking technology news and top headlines about gadgets, content marketing and online entrepreneurship and all things about social media. She also has a slight addiction to pizza and coffee.

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