Social media’s New Role in Fashion

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Rebecca Minkoff handbag

A Rebecca Minkoff handbag during her runway show at the New York Fashion Week.

Just a couple of years back, tickets to fashion shows in the so-called fashion capitals of New York, Paris, Milan and Cape Town were a preserve of the press, fashion editors and buyers. These events were by invitation only and the haute couture designs showcased would be critiqued by the editors, while the buyers haggled with the designers over their unbelievably priced pieces. Such was the fashion world and the cycle went on and on, uninterrupted.

That is, until social media quietly crept into focus.

Now, even ordinary Janes and Joes have a chance to attend these highly rated shows and enjoy the spectacular exhibitions. This year’s New York Fashion week was graced by a mix of celebrities such as Olympians Sasha Richards-Ross and Ryan Lochte as well as actors Kristin Chenoweth and Daniel Gillies, and ordinary audience members who had never in their wildest dreams imagined that they could see the impressive designs firsthand.

Rebecca Minkoff, a handbag and apparel designer, has embraced this change. She encouraged fans to send pictures of themselves rocking her designs through Instagram for a chance to win a pair of tickets to watch her runway show live. However, while this is a big deal to a lot of fans worldwide, you actually do not need a ticket to watch the runway shows live. Just log on to any of the fashion sites or blogs that post live pictures of the events and you can enjoy the show live from the comfort of your home or office.

This evolving trend has practically closed the gap between consumers and brands as the designs are no longer as shrouded in mystery as they once were. As Uri Minkoff, Rebecca Minkoff’s older brother and CEO of her brand said, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram have all added another layer of real-time critiques in the design process. Before it used to be jus the editors present at the runway shows, but now, even regular fans can give their thumbs up or down opinions before the designs hit the floor. Social media has made everyone feel like they have a right to participate in fashion.

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Author: Elizabeth Njuguna

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