Social Media Marketing Strategy: Powerful Words to Persuade Customers

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If you’re Taylor Swift or David Beckham, each time you publish a blog post, make a tweet or share a link on Facebook, (almost) all of your followers would click through what you’ve shared. Social media marketing is a lot easier when you’re a celebrity.

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Powerful Words to Persuade Customers

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Powerful Words to Persuade Customers

But you’re not.

It’s truly difficult to grab the attention of your audience. Blame it on our shorter attention spans. In a study conducted, the average attention span significantly dropped to eight seconds.

Then, most online readers are not actually reading line by line. Rather, they’re just scanning your content.

The algorithms of social networking sites are also tricky as they’re the ones determining who can see your content and when. But a small percentage of your following can see it and engage with your content.

Fortunately, there are specific words that you can use to help grab the attention of your followers.


This four-letter word has its own beauty. For decades, small and big companies are leveraging “free” because they know that such word is hard to resist. This is especially true if you include “no commitments” with it.

Between “free” and “% off,” the former is better because consumers would love free stuff than spending whatever amount that’s been deducted from the “% off.”


It’s not as powerful as the word “free.”

But it’s a lovely word. It produces interest as it conveys high-quality.

It also denotes that what you’re trying to share rises above the rest. It tells your readers that what they’re going to read is a good stuff.

So, when you share something on, say, Facebook, trying adding “best” in your headline. Like, “here are the best apps for foodies that you must try” or “the best blog we wrote this year.”

Immediately or Fast

Humans love instant rewards.

So, when you use the words instant, immediately and fast, they trigger their brain activities.

If you’re selling software, for example, you can use the word “instant access” to your program. This isn’t a vague promise that you’re giving out to your potential customers. Oftentimes, it is a reality.

On the other hand, if you’re selling physical products, the use of instant words would remind your customers that they’d receive their products ASAP.

Then again, you should deliver your promises. But don’t over-deliver. Just make sure that you can follow through on what you’ve promised. Else, you’d end up having customers that hate your guts.


This is great for the bargain-oriented audience. It’s a persuasive word that you can regularly use on your social media marketing strategy to persuade more customers to buy or visit your site.

By adding sale in your headline, your audience might fear that they’d miss out the opportunity if they don’t visit your site soon. When you provide them with limited offers, it creates a sense of urgency.

Each time you have a special promo on your site, you should include “sale” on your marketing campaign.

Over to You

Have you used these words to convince readers to click through the link you’ve shared? How was it? Did they improve your leads or sales? Tell us your thoughts.

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